New World Class

1“…we will always have the greatest respect for the century of heritage upon which the glory of our sport rests. Globalization is the future of cycling, but we will build on the foundations of cycling’s traditions.”
Pat McQuaid, President of Union Cycliste Internationale

The new racing season rolls out with our blessing from start lines in continents as far away as Australia to Asia. The same multiplication instinct of mankind seen in a worldwide spread of civilization, economics, war, philosophies, religion, culture, and trade are underway in cycling. This isn’t a well-crafted policy of an international governing body but the way of the world. The global village has a bike shop. The bicycle transcends socioeconomic distinctions and discriminates against no one. It’s logical that the highest forms of its competitive practices would also be uncontainable within borders or regions or beloved events. Extreme measures to fight the forces of globalization will only reflect badly on traditionalists. International cycling relations means that more choices are offered on the calendar and on more levels. In the short term, there’s conflict to work through as race organizers vie for status and prestige in deciding which teams to include. Our exceptional interest on the Classics and Grand Tours will diminish no less by promoting new events. Rather it gives a wider field for distinction and creates new layers of honor. Any attempt to mandate this process is more about managing the inevitability of a new world cycling order. Consider just two benefits – a broader pool of talent and sponsorship macroeconomics:

2“With the globalization of cycling…cycling shoes, jerseys, bicycles, bike parts and tires, speedometer, heart monitors, and the goods and services provided by commercial teams competing in big international races like the Tour de France, are made available in our malls, shops and streets. And a lot of world-class Filipino racers were inspired and born…” from the Philippines

Prayer for Globalization
“…good news to announce to the people of every race, tribe, language, and nation on earth.” 3Revelation 14:6

We are glad for a beautiful world of new routes to explore. We confess expansive change brings out our controlling natures. We ask for smooth shifting in conflict resolution as cycling’s horizons broaden.

Ponder Am I a cycling ambassador? Affirm I spin the globe. Watch for new places to ride!


1“UCI’s ProTour: ‘Gradual globalization’ or imminent collapse?” By Andrew Hood Posted Jan. 21, 2008

2“Street Globalisation: From Led Zeppelin to Lance Armstrong,” by Nonoy Oplas under “Minimal Government -Philippines” posted 3 April 2007 © In Defence of Liberty. Mr. Oplas is the head of Minimal Government campaign in Philippines. This article was originally posted at the on-line seminar on globalization being organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Manila.

3Contemporary English Version Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society


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