All-In versus Approval Ratings

36“…athlete’s impact on the team and a history of strong teamwork: cohesion, consistency, unity and dedication…” USA Cycling’s Olympic athlete selection procedures


Trying to motivate everyone to get along is one of the top attributes of a leader. If it were easy, we’d all live in peace with little relational stress. If we didn’t maintain this kind of order, our interdependent societies would collapse. In American cycling, our ranking system upgrades a rider based on individual performance. A rider can earn their way to the top category looking out for one’s own interest. The strong earn spots on elite and pro teams and are sometimes faced with a novel phenomenon of thinking about others. One of my coaching priorities in neopro development is to ensure team-ability by emphasizing group values and teaching team skills, strategies, and tactics. Beyond the ethics and spiritual nobility of selflessness, there are many practical benefits of acquiring a mind-set that thinks like a unit. No matter how great you ride, few situations allow for an insufferable selfish arrogant loner. It’s best to help others help you, plus it’s more fun to have friends who like you! Performance expectations are exceeded with a sense of fun, and professional riders know that serious money still must be earned by a love of the process and its people…keeping it fun. Deep within a healthy psyche is a need for belonging. Fulfilling that need through serving others outlasts and rewards beyond seeking approval. The latter is disillusioning, because when you get approval, its shallow and short-term satisfaction doesn’t reach the depths of our souls – souls that are meant to give. If you want cycling to improve, think about who you can serve with it, remembering:  Together  Everyone  Accomplishes  More


Prayer for Teamwork

The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts;

and though all its parts are many, they form one body…”  371 Corinthians 12:12


We are grateful for the many strategies for serving team in cycling. We confess we sometimes choose the good of our own interests over the better of influencing many. We ask for hearts that serve.


Ponder Do I recognize the time to take personal responsibility for carrying my own load and when I’m able to assist others? Affirm I can learn when to sit-in, and when to be a pace-setter. Watch your role as servant-leader contribute to team fun and personal satisfaction.



36USA Cycling/USAC Athlete Selection Procedures: 2008 Olympic Games Beijing, China,” document of January 10, 2007. This is under the Coach’s discretionary selection, where demonstration of teamwork is considered in relation to specific performance criteria.


37Today’s New International Version © Copyright 2001, 2005 by International Bible Society



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