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Warm-Up, Warm-Down

Posted in Beginings & Endings on February 4, 2009 by bethleasure

970 minutes of warmup for a 4 minute prologue. Wow. That’s crazy!”     VeloNews phorum3 posting about Tour of California opener


Not crazy – about the right amount of time for a pre-race prologue routine, though different warm-ups are required for differing events, even different riders within the same event. Again, science and art collaborate to discover and meet unique needs. The science is pretty straightforward. Warm-up eases your body into exertion. Active stretching and massage pre-event prepares muscles for work. Pre-ride procedures may also include: hydration/fueling for the event; course/competitor/conditions preview; and a mental pre-set. Your psyche time is also unique as some need activation or psyching to get ready and some require relaxation or managing anxiety prior. Methods for this sacred time can include music, mantras or words that trigger desired performance, and meditation/visualization. Sometimes a smooth pre-race experience is the best mental preparation bringing comfort as you work through a familiar routine for registration, dressing, mechanical checks, etc. Riders Ready – Go!


Game Over. It’s equally important to have a post-event plan. Cooling-down eases your cardiovascular system back to normal. During warm-down, discover information through the experiences of other participants. Post-race procedures may include: recovery fueling, checking results/collecting prizes, medical control, changing clothes/cleaning up, static stretching/massage. A post-race psyche plan ponders the performance, processing emotions and objective analysis. Some like to talk through all the variables immediately and others prefer to be well-fed and rested before delving into what worked and what didn’t. Communication is key for teamwork. Riding solo, it’s helpful to have a trusted listener for your war story who’ll provide impartial feedback and encouragement.


Prayer for your Pre-Ride & Recovery Procedures

“The LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” 10Psalm 121:8


We are grateful for gentle transitions between intense sessions. We ask for wisdom to devise our unique routines.


Ponder Do I have a pre- and post-event plan? Affirm I can prepare and follow-up physically, mentally, strategically and spiritually. Watch your riding experiences improve with thoughtful entry and exit strategies.


9“prologue warm up like a pro,” comment posted by nightfend on 02-25-08 for VeloNews phorum3 These postings were about a photo posted on for the Tour of California showing the warm-up for the prologue by Team Quick Step.


10The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society