Nouveau Départ Fresh Start

46“We came here to produce a good race, to give a good spectacle and to do our job as bike riders… Everybody has to respect this race that is a big part of the history of cycling…the UCI will understand….We’ll find something for cycling out of this confusion, I’m confident…we’ve been here to work and all the other things aren’t important for us.”     David Rebellin, Pro Cyclist, Classics Winner


Teams have risked sanctions to race chosen beloved events. From global expansion to continental conservatism and conflict, in the end it’s the riders who decide. Which events are important and why? What has financial rewards, historical significance, or is just plain good hard racing? These are questions that riders contemplate. The backing of sponsors is based on business strategy for exposure to certain demographics. Even so, the capabilities and interests of riders ultimately sway the event selection of thoughtful directors and managers. A rider doesn’t have to say anything in all the raging controversy among international associations. Where his legs line up says it all. Then the fans echo the sentiment, particularly European fans. There ought to be a European Institute of Cycling Supporters with course offerings in uphill running, sign-making, body painting and costuming, race-side exhibits, cycling statistics, and safe race cheering. Fans add an exciting element to the spectacle of a race. Perhaps it’s another element that attracts riders. Plans for race calendars and prestigious series may start at a negotiating table, but the finish line is crossed by a rider on a bicycle, who may be paid for that service, but who still does it because it means something. All the united organizing aside, it’s still like market-driven economics – consumer’s choice. The ultimate decision-makers are the fans and the riders. Choose well all, and let the season begin!


Prayer for New Race Season

“Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” 47Job 8:7


We are glad that so many choices exist in this era of cycling. We confess in the confusion of selection as many interests are in conflict. We ask for order to come into this new era so that calendars, organizers and governing bodies are in agreement. We ask for blessing on a new race season in a new racing era!


Ponder Am I willing to choose the best over the good? Affirm I can speak with my legs and know that sometimes silent action is more influential than screaming protest. Watch how riders influence world cycling events.



46“Rebellin asks the UCI to respect riders and races,” By Jean-François Quénet in Nice, First Edition Cycling News, March 17, 2008 Edited by Laura Weislo


47The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

One Response to “Nouveau Départ Fresh Start”

  1. Beth, this is a very meaningful post. Thank you for your consistent word and thoughtful wisdom. Speaking with silent action is vital. I would further that point by stating, it’s through these actions that our words are left behind, out of the way, enabling the holly spirit in his rightful place.


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