Cycling Explorers

48“Generally I find the development of cycling good in that it becomes more globalised and is taking advantage of its popularity in such far-off lands…I hope that this development won’t be held [back] by conservative Europeans.”                                               Peter ‘Paco’ Wrolich, Pro Cyclist



Wasn’t it Europeans who were the world’s mapmakers searching for new territories? From this cycling epicenter, we look again for an ever-widening circle of conquest – for cycling interest. As the Jamaicans say, “The child must creep before him walk.” So, many pro teams slip away to play in gentle pre-season latitudes. While early season intensity burns, interesting far-flung venues make it fun. In an activity that is by nature pleasurable, it may seem strange that a conscious effort is made to keep cycling festive. Yet this is an important consideration. It’s a long competitive season, February to October for most, with a lot of racing, sponsor expectations for results, and pressures to perform. Physiology and periodization work along the precept that a peak is achievable perhaps several times a year with focused hard periods and scheduled tapering times. The days of Merckx-like momentum throughout all the important events on the calendar are pursued by a few spring to fall classics specialists. Some don’t have the luxury due to role or resources to be in top form for key events, but it is possible to maintain consistent performances without planning for a peak.


Another group to be reminded to keep it fun is anyone with a geared up personality, who takes riding seriously on some level. Those who enjoy the process of training can get so into measurable gains, they forget what it’s all about in the first place: good health, quality outlet, community-based activity, adventurous escape! Even with serious goals and a tough voyage ahead, keep your quest for new territory fun in this new season!


Prayer for Fun

As for every man to whom God has given riches and many good things, He has also given him the power to eat from them, receive his pay and be happy in his work. This is the gift of God.”  49Ecclesiastes 5:19


We exhilarate at windswept careening on fresh road. We confess we take ourselves and our goals so seriously at times, we sideline our enjoyment. We ask for escapades/moments of celebration on the bike.

Ponder How can I check my cycling fun factor? Affirm I notice my signals of exasperation that remind me to trade pace with amusement. Watch and learn what keeps you entertained to persevere throughout the entire season.


48“Wrolich travels the world,” By Susan Westemeyer, Latest Cycling News, February 4, 2008 Edited by Gregor Brown


49The Bible, New Living Version Copyright © 1969 by Christian Literature International

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