irie jammin50 – Powerful Good Times

51“…great farm road network and the unbelievable island love for the sport of cycling…the number one sport on the island! We’re friends to this day. But that’s just the way the island cyclists are. And there are TONS of them!” Chris Gutowsky, Owner, VeloSport Vacations


Professional riders and velo vacationers have plundered the hidden treasures of the Caribbean for excellent racing and an enjoyable pre-season. Every season on the East Coast, a hurricane crushes through amateur racing by the blast of two indomitable 52friends – a Guyanese Flash Gordon and a Tornado Trinidadian. These two tradesmen are hard wheels to follow in the final surge fight for sprint position; both deal in crafty as pirates of the criterium. With silver temples and a pension, they regularly school the up and comers. Yet, they’re so friendly and fiercely competitive; you almost want them to beat you or your best guys because they’re the stuff of legend.


Likewise the promise of bounty in a Caribbean voyage causes some teams to sail in some great racing in many of these island places this time of year. Tours of the Bahamas, Bermuda, Cuba, Dominican Republic are ports of call for early season racing. The islands have a long racing calendar and a Caribbean championship. Their champions travel outside the region as well. A 53Puerto Rican sponsored team landed in Virginia to conquer its mountainous tour, and six guys with humble poise and private humor conquered better supported teams. Teams have been combing the seas searching for fresh talent and finding it among the islanders. The same ports-of-call and beach getaways likewise provide a cycling adventure. Young Caribbean riders are gaining experience even now. What a destination for a scouting trip!


Prayer for Caribbean Cycling

“Far-flung ocean islands wait expectantly…”  54Isaiah 42:4


We are grateful for relaxation and rejuvenation by island get-aways. We ask for fun rides and races and more trade in cycling talent from this region. We ask blessing upon Caribbean cycling.


Ponder Do I have friendly but competent competition that can delight me as we push each other? Affirm I am a pirate of the secret treasures of far-flung cycling places. Watch and exchange some friendly fire as you discover new territory or information in your cycling community.


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51Travel: Caribbean Winter Blues,” by Richard Pestes, posted 1/16/2006


VéloSport Vacations


52Aubrey Gordon, twice Masters National Crit Champion & World medalist on the track for points race from Guyana and Patrick Gellineau, track Masters Worlds Champion from Trinidad.


53Team CAICO is a UCI registered Colombian team with a Puerto Rican sponsor and administration.


54The Message, Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson


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