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Game On/Race Readiness

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1“It wouldn’t have been very professional to give in to that temptation. I prefer to regret not lining him up than doing so.”             Eric Boyer, Pro Team Manager on not taking risks with an unprepared rider


clippinginMay Day celebrates the start of pastoral summer season when livestock were driven out to mountain grazing land. It’s a holiday that celebrates labor. Likewise, cycling’s beasts trot eagerly into new places to foray for competitive experiences and hard-fought victory.  They who show good form now dance around the Maypole in celebration during Giro d’Italia. The month’s pleasant mountain places foreshadow the key races of summer in pro tour season. Some choose to use this month as preparation for other big races desiring to be ready later. Some are forced to decline sidelined by injury or illness after a hard Spring Classics emphasis.


It’s better to sit it out responsibly and professionally if you can’t line up knowing you’re prepared to meet every challenge. Champions come to the line with confidence and calm. Readiness to meet a challenge is a champion quality. Race readiness combines physical preparation with technical proficiency including equipment and skills, as well as mental and provisional planning. The race is carefully crafted as a part of the framework of annual race selection. Training has been periodized to specifically conquer all the demands of the goal event. Provisions are allocated and every need surrounding the event is arranged. Details and contingencies are cognizantly completed. Psychological arousal is at its height. While there are many things outside the control of rider or team, those within are contained to near perfection. With this sort of momentum, minor setbacks are easily overcome. An option to use key events as preparation for other events must come with lower expectations upon yourself. When the starter announces, “Riders Ready,” line up with game on realistic about how it fits into your preparations!



Prayer for Race Readiness

“They were brave warriors, ready for battle and able to handle the shield and spear. Their faces were the faces of lions, and they were as swift as gazelles in the mountains.” 2Chronicles 12:8


We celebrate the warm heights of May cycling! We confess we get greedy for success when we haven’t properly prepared for it. We pray for readiness for key events.             



Ponder Am I realistic about performance as it relates to preparation? Affirm I will ride my best with expectations equal to readiness. Watch for times to be ready and include times to prepare.



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