Race for the Roses/Stretching Limits

Race for the Roses

31…it was time to sort of man up and take a chance, and I knew that the last corner was close to the finish… I thought if I hit the last corner first, maybe a couple people would come around me, and I’d still get a podium result which is pretty huge for our team. So…I just got probably a nicer run into that last corner, and then it was pretty much just everything I had to the finish.”   Richard England, Pro Cyclist, Stage Winner Tour de Georgia


Just one more stretch to the win!

Just one more stretch to the win!

Stretching beyond real and imagined limitations is one of cycling’s requirements. Consistent winners don’t prepare to win thinking it will be easy. They accept the task requires taking brutal chances. It’s a misconception that more talented riders win with ease. The most successful don’t rely on talent but work the hardest, building on the momentum of small successes, perhaps a sense of destiny, and extra push and risk.


Every life demands the kind of effort that exceeds expected results but must be attempted regardless. Sometimes the reward isn’t the result but the effort itself. Consistent sprinters come into the finish with strategy to win yes, but also with abandonment that trying will put you there – win, place, or show. Think of the strain of a thoroughbred on the back stretch in a horse race, such as the Kentucky Derby. The Run for the Roses is considered the “most exciting two minutes in sports.” This is an example of giving all you’ve got and some you may not yet know you have.


Cycling has its exciting minutes, such as the key attack up a famous wall or the final kilometer in a full-squad lead-out toward a prestigious finish line. And in every cyclist’s experience, there are personal exciting moments, such as digging deeper than ever before to hold on in a tough section or trying a new tactic that puts you in a stronger group.


Consider a training session or a racing moment when you can apply all your effort in an intelligent yet unfathomable exploit. Push to test the limits and see if boundaries require a renewed survey. As summer planting is underway, stay grounded in self-acceptance by attempting hard things – unconcerned about the changing winds of approval of others or fleeting results. This is cycling’s midseason back stretch – our race for the roses.


Prayer to Stretch Limits

“Can you fathom the mysteries of God? Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?” 32Job 11:7


  1. We are glad for trials which elicit inner strength. We pray for will and purposeful strategy to probe our limits and go for it!        


Ponder When is the last time you gave everything you have? Affirm I try my hardest and then some. Watch your efforts rewarded when a bit of limitless Infinity adds a piece to your portion of faith-in-action.


31Breakaway, enewsletter April 25, 2008 DAILY EDITION Issue 12 of the Tour de Georgia www.tourdegeorgia.com

 32The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

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