63“Life can change on a dime.” Scott Mares, Cyclo-Cross Sponsor and Race Promoter


Going backwards sometimes helps us move forward

Going backwards can sometimes help us move forward

It’s comforting to know that hard periods without seeming end or solution can change inexplicably and instantaneously. All the pondered doom and gloom that characterizes the realities of life at times ought to make hard bike riding seem joyful, light and pleasurable. It’s all perspective isn’t it? There are times to pause and process loss, and times to backpedal and remember success as fuel to re-ignite lost momentum.

Let’s apply switching from intense sorrow to the starting line of cycling performance. Even with life’s uncontrollable variables, it is possible to plan and adapt so momentum consistently drives toward success for victory at goal events. You know these seasons and these athletes who are seemingly untouched by bad luck, poor health, insufficient skill, lack of resources, deficits in emotional support, spiritual bankruptcy, or failing confidence. It’s true that tremendous planning and practical attention to detail helps. True there is a fateful force. Yet, there is also a decision not to be deterred.

Great racing has a systematic feel; some strategic situations are textbook cases implemented with prosperous precision. But great riding in races may also be a sloppy random flow where the success comes not by managing things but in precipitating and reacting to imperfection. Usually when a rider has a streak of bad luck or disappointing performances with a vague sense that the mind is part of the problem, my advice is to stop controlling and race as it is. Cognitive distortion leads some personalities to believe that all things have to be in proper order. We comfort ourselves by procedure and minimize risk. But you also have to remember those unexpected breakthroughs. Think back on that moment when you came up a level rather amazed and maybe you’ll relax and trust enough to allow it again.

Prayer for Remembrance

We are thankful for memories of surprising goodness. We confess we think we control all of our blessings. We pray that memories come to mind of past exploits – hard challenges overcome with seeming ease.

Ponder When were odds beaten and it amazed me? Affirm I remember that incredible ride where I finally could execute what I could imagine. Watch and replay those successes as you backpedal in time.

63Conversations with Scott Mares. Scott loves cyclo-cross. He has one of the smoothest dismount- barrier-remounts ever witnessed. What imagery for smooth transitions and seamless momentum despite obstacles!

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