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Championship Emotions/Aggressiveness

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Tous est Possible        Everything’s Possible

58Aggressiveness is assertive and bold riding. This is the easy part…The patiently aggressive rider unleashes the restraints at just the right moment. In contrast, the impatient rider becomes assertive at the wrong times and squanders precious energy…from the key moments in the race when the outcome is being determined.Joe Friel, Cycling Coach

Anger management catalyzes movement toward handling advanced emotions. These are 59groupings of feeling that are more complex. Aggressiveness couples Anger with Anticipation. Awe’s composition of Surprise plus Fear is the opposite of Aggressiveness. Aggressiveness can be triggered by any number of stimulating emotions, including rage, vigilance, loathing, ecstasy and others. Note that Aggressiveness defined in this way connotes an element of knowledge – thinking.

dossard du Maillot prix de la combativité

dossard du Maillot prix de la combativité

But all this probably doesn’t go through one’s head while bike racing, unless you’re a champion whose conditioned responses are sharpened swords wielded by a self-controlled conqueror. Certain tactics are aggressive in racing, such as an attack. An Attack, defined emotionally, is an action preceded by a perceived obstacle that registers as a hostile maneuver that then triggers Anger as fuel to destroy the obstacle. The difference between most and the champions is that consistent winners refuse to allow these responses to have power over them and instead use these responses as fuel applied at the proper moment. This isn’t to say that emotional riders don’t win. Some of the biggest winners are emotional riders. Passion slings from them like the sweat from their brows. It’s the extraordinary measure and focused uses of this passion that lead to wins.

Often assertive moves that work are surprises to everyone else and therefore don’t elicit timely aggressive reactions. On the bike this may result in a break that leaves others butchered or slowly strangled by single-file surges. Competitors are left in Awe or Disappointment more than in Anger, and Anticipation has been demoralized. The ability to utilize Winning Aggressiveness comes from experience and awareness – altogether different than instinct or emotion and yet composed of each.

Prayer re: Aggressiveness
“We can do anything we want to. But I tell you that not everything is good for us. So I refuse to let anything have power over me.”  601 Corinthians 6:12


We confess our boldness needs to be supported by brains and brawn. We pray for the submission of aggressiveness to body and soul.

Ponder Do I use the same tired move? Affirm I try various moves at the right times. Watch and note when aggressive moves lead to victory.

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