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Championship Emotions/Envy

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Chasing the Wind

61It’s no secret that me and the Schleck brothers are not close and that it’s every man for himself.” Kim Kirchen, Pro Cyclist and Rival Luxembourger


Kim Kirchen's sweat equity: don't envy - do the work

Kim Kirchen's sweat equity: don't envy - do the work

A good rivalry can turn a good race into a great competition. This sort of rivalry isn’t necessarily negative and can instead inspire great performances making all rivals better in the process. Wondrous powers come to light wrote 62Krabbé: “When you see an enemy lying on the ground, what’s your reaction? To help him to his feet. In road racing, you kick him to death.” It’s true road racing is especially unfriendly at times and victorious strategies often play competitors’ weaknesses against winners’ strengths. This is part of cycling’s beautiful stress management, though we occasionally have an ugly expression on our sweaty faces.

You can still have love motivation and exhibit respect without liking a competitor. Hatred is draining and jealousy is not much use. But envy is a legitimate registration that you are meant to do something that you’ve not yet accomplished. Be warned that you are meant to do it unlike anyone else, and this is the line into covetousness that envy must not cross. So you can admire another’s accomplishments but taking their stuff is off limits. You can’t really get another’s accomplishments, you can only get your own and to do this comes at a big price. We envy what we don’t understand about the process of achievement. It’s hard. The best suffer greatly.

Next time you wish you had what another gets, review the suffering that got them there and be willing to either man up or shut up. You want to whine or win? Winners may envy a bit more and figure out how to turn from chasing the wind to using it to propel their pain toward something meaningful. What’s meaningful isn’t exclusive but complementary. Use envy to goad achievement but with compassion on other achievers.


Prayer re: Envy
“Then I observed that most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors. But this, too, is meaningless—like chasing the wind.”   63Ecclesiastes 4:26

We are grateful that envy is a signal that our course needs correction. We confess we are distracted by others. We pray for motivation that comes from unique purposes and passions.  

Ponder Do you remember a time when you were jealous because someone you didn’t like was prospering? Affirm I transform my envy into action that implements unique tasks. Watch for envy’s warning that your heart needs realignment with your own responsibilities and potential rewards.


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