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Championship Spirit/Yielding to Win

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Yield What You Want

76“We told her to lay off before the bend and stay on the inside in case anyone came off, and then to take a run at them.”  Julian Winn, British Cycling Team Manager on Nicole Cooke’s Sprint for Olympic Gold


Olympic Gold by yielding to golden advice

Olympic Gold by yielding to golden advice

Cooke’s hesitation at the strategic point toward the finish line appeared like a mechanical problem to some. In truth the move was deliberate. She yielded to her competitors and to a winning tactic directed by her manager. A win that Cooke wanted required submission to the thoughts, advice and actions of others. This is typical of championship wins. British press credited agreement by six people for Nicole’s medal, as well as teammate Emma Pooley’s planned setup attack for the win.

Submission or yielding isn’t a popular notion to a westerner’s sense of individualistic entitlement and liberty. Yet total surrender is the highest use of a powerfully free will. One surrenders because one trusts the authority. This is a useful spirit in team dynamics when pecking order may change throughout a season or a race. It’s useful in race tactics as a placatory response to an attacker – catching a few breaths with a calming posture that doesn’t threaten an opponent at that particular time. As a deferential style to riding in traffic, yielding saves lives.

A championship spirit learns to submit itself to others and even die to oneself. Acts of submission are part of a champion’s self-controlled presence. As a championship emotion, submission is composed of 77Acceptance + Reverence, and Contempt is its opposite. Submission then fits naturally with Love motivation – the most powerful and sustainable catalyst for championship performance. Spiritually, submission offers what is most wanted on an altar of letting go, letting God. On the fringes of a Jewish prayer shawl are cords worn on the head as a sign of submission before God. Champions wear submission by how well they use their heads in agreement with what others want, willing to yield in order to gain access to victory.


Prayer for Submission
“During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission.” 78Hebrews 5:7

How odd that willingness to lose is a key to winning. We confess trust in anything other than self comes by sweating blood at times. We ask not for what we want, but for trustworthy advisors and supporters. Ponder Can I yield to wise guidance? Affirm I trust the trustworthy. Watch resurrected riding when submissive actions confirm your trust.

76“Analysis: Women’s Road Race,” by Edward Pickering, Sunday 10th August 2008 Said article credited six people – coaches, management, sports psychologist, family – all committed to Nicole’s Olympic win far in advance of the event, as well as her teammates. Interestingly, Emma Pooley’s reward came with a silver medal in the Time Trial.

77“The Nature of Emotions,” by Robert Plutchik

78The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society