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Championship Lifestyle/Purpose in Cycling

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Know Thyself

36“Why do I ride my bike everywhere? I gave this some thought. I know why I started initially, but do I still have the same reason now? Those things are still important to me now, but…When I ride my bike every day, my body feels better, and my mind feels better. I never would have guessed it, but it’s true. I ride a bike because I need to ride a bike. Riding my bike makes me feel good.” Purpose-driven Bike Commuter


What is your reason for taking to the roads?

What is your reason for taking to the roads?

Understanding one’s purpose and discovering one’s destiny makes any hardship associated with fulfillment endurable. A purpose for riding may be as simple as it feels good. For a bike commuter to endure splashing motorists, subzero mornings, and regular road rage, a reason other than a way to get to work acts as incentive. The more committed one becomes, the more sacrifices that are made, and the more rewards anticipated – it pays to ask the deep questions.

Even a seasoned pro whose body is one with bicycle and whose palmarès reveal providence needs to reacquaint with purpose in cycling. For work has a purpose beyond income; and cycling for a living is not merely work. It’s a lifestyle choice that sets apart from the majority; a subculture that sometimes counters society. Pro cycling requires us not to mirror our world but to reflect a brighter light. Against those who take a pill for anything, we are not to dope. For those who eat, sleep, and sit as little and as much as they want, we are to count, monitor, and move. For those who live randomly, we exhibit a culture of discipline. For those with little ambition, we strive for excellence.

If you know you’re purpose is GC leader then it’s easy to be generous in a sprint. If you know you’re purpose is team support, then you can be generous away from limelight. A winner isn’t more valuable in spiritual terms than the one who finishes last. Yet consistently last must reconsider purpose – some other pursuit brings tangible value – and this affirms purpose. Some riders are so gifted, racing is an act of worship to a God who created them for it. We all have meaningful gifts and purposes to seek.


Prayer for Purpose in Cycling

“The Spirit also makes us sure that we will be given what God has stored up for his people. Then we will be set free, and God will be honored and praised.” 37Ephesians 1:14


We are glad for our unique contribution to the world. We confess we try to be what we’re not at times. Guide us to our highest and best purposes.             

Ponder Are my reasons for riding in tandem with my calling and place in cycling? Affirm I am in the center of God’s purpose for me when the bike is —. Watch amazing and prosperous doors open when desire and destiny match.



36“Why Do I Ride My Bike?” posted on Riin’s Rants Copyright © 2004 Riin Gill January 7, 2004 This website has expired

See Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren as a reference for discovering purpose and one’s purposes.

37The Bible, Contemporary English Version Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society