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Off to the Mines

45“Elite amateur riders must have a part-time job. You can’t race with money as a motivation to make it as a pro.” Brian Walton, Olympian, Team Director  – his riders having at least part-time jobs – one of his requirements


Money helps the wheels go round

Money helps the wheels go round

Rumor had it that one young pro with a national-level team risked all he had to showcase his abilities – going for the big time with well-chosen wins at home to market himself abroad. He chose the best possible time when his emerging abilities surpassed his peers and when no other domestic doors represented a promotion. He’d learned all he could and knew that only Europe remained. He gave himself a specific time-frame with a specific line of credit. It was all or nothing, and he succeeded in securing a contract that paid off all costs within the first months. He eventually rode himself on to the highest ranking team in the world and atop the most prestigious podiums. His financial investment was wise because he’d set a boundary around it: once the line of credit was exhausted, it was off to the mines if euro-teams passed him over.

Lines of credit and debt-financing aren’t my first choice for advising young pros about how to fund the interim between potential and profit. But this rider was commendable because he set a limit on excess. Too often, irresponsibility rules in generating provision to race. This makes an elite-to-pro lifestyle unstable and detracts from focused performance.

Lack of resources eventually leads to lack of self-respect if one continues to sacrifice without renewed provision. Exploitation is rampant since resources are so limited. Some make poor choices in enlisting sugar-mamas or daddys that compromise integrity and often goals.

We are meant to be rewarded for hard work and it’s important that we choose work that brings income to live. Maintaining a part-time job may limit race choices but with an improved strategy for race selection, it may also show strengths at the right time. An off-season position is also an option, and not a few winter construction sites benefit from a cyclist’s strength and endurance.


Prayer for Stable Resources
“…look at an ant. Watch it closely; let it teach you a thing or two.
…All summer it stores up food; at harvest it stockpiles provisions.”
46Proverbs 6:6-8


We pray for the resources to race and flexible jobs that support it if needed.                                         

Ponder Do I have a periodized plan for generating income to support racing? Affirm I support myself in cycling or I will find a different job. Watch that your ambition is counted against your bank account.




45Conversations with Brian Walton. Practical Canadian! Brian is a 3-time Olympian including the 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist. He is the current VP of Performance at Cadence Cycling and Multisport Centers whose primary location is near the infamous Manayunk Wall in Philadelphia.

The Bible has more to say about work, money and finances than it does about sin. There are many fine resources to study on the smart uses of money and investment. Start with Dave Ramsey or Crown Financial Ministries.

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