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Championship Lifestyle/Boundaries & Routine

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Shoes not made for Walkin’

40“‘The rest days are to rest and not do much…You have to follow a routine but keep in mind that there is the remaining competition stress that the race gives. You have to follow the habits of a normal competition day. You have to rest as much as possible and to recover strengths facing the next coming stages.’ Can riders do other activities on rest days like take a walk in the city or go shopping? ‘You need an important goal…To go shopping or walk in the city is not what I want the most at the moment… So, I try to relax and get the most of the moment in order to be ready when I have to.’” Carlos Sastre, Champion Cyclist on boundaries and routine 


Cycling shoes for the urban commuter; still not made for walking!

Cycling shoes for the urban commuter; still not made for walking!

Once I made the mistake of going to the city with a shopper on a  Monday rest day. Four hours and forty pairs of sandals later, the shoe clerk and I were homicidal. That friendship took years to recover – she just couldn’t get why I wasn’t excited about her new red pumps after multiple stage races in a California spring. Wasn’t I grateful to be guided by a local in one of the world’s most exciting metros? Yes in the off-season but not then. Totally my fault for even thinking of doing it – an amateur moment of exhausted vulnerability!

The shoes of a champion cyclist are rarely used for walking. The mantra of if you can stand, sit; if you can sit, lie down is taken to its heights for winning recovery. Venetian leather during the Giro and French treats during the Tour are out – unless you have a really obliging soigneur and forget it, they won’t have time to shop for you.

Because speaking of time, champion lifestyle is as regimented as possible. The body learns to rest for naps, when to eat, and to sleep early and long. Routine is more restful and regenerating. Routine protects from external distractions and energy-zapping activities.

Skin is our body’s no to the outside world. Boundaries protect us and we must protect our boundaries. Champions have a strong sense of no – and resolve to open and close the gate of the picket fence around time and energy in their well-ordered house of dreams. It may be boring in that house at times so that it may be exciting on the road!


Prayer for Boundaries & Routine
“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand.” 41Psalm 37:23-24


We are thankful for many sedentary activities that are productive and restful. We ask for the tolerance of outsiders to our energy vigilance. We pray for well-ordered steps so our soles/souls don’t wear out.          


Ponder Can I up my game by tightening my time schedule? Affirm I decide yes or no. Watch and be sensitive to yourself and others; over-commitment wears everyone out.

40Carlos Sastre interview, September 14, 2006 “Fight until the end”

41Holy Bible, King James Version public domain