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Most Aggressive Rider

Posted in Summer Sunshine on July 22, 2009 by bethleasure

Hot Pick

54Prize of combativeness…the most aggressive rider…Awarded for being feisty, irritating, unpopular with your peers and, frankly, not likely ever to win anything else.”         Barney Ronay, Sports Editor 


Seeing Red is a good outlet for Aggression

Seeing Red is a good outlet for Aggression

Decidedly, Most Aggressive is not the same as Most Valuable Player, who is usually selected from the winning side. The Most Aggressive Rider, while combative, is not necessarily disliked by peers or unable to win anything else. Competitors sometimes pick this rider as deserving of this distinction. An aggressive ride may be grudgingly admired at times and may spectacularly display a determined hot desire to win.

In a long season, desire can be worn down by disappointment or disaster. An aggressive ride is an inspiring way to turn around a bad trend or take an all-or-nothing set of risks to reap some return on an investment likely to fail due to bad legs. One racing strategy is to attack when one feels poorly because what’s lost may be the effort and what’s gained may be a result on a day when finishing seems impossible – let alone finishing well.

An aggressive rider may also be someone whose fitness or capabilities aren’t suited for the type of racing in a particular event. Or most combative may be someone who refuses to race in ignominy when instigation brings camera time for a sponsor: better notoriously off the front than unnoticeable in the bunch. Most Aggressive can sometimes lack tactical awareness, timing sense, or even top talent for a win but still gain an award  – the E for effort rather than an F for failed to be first.

Cycling admires courage regardless of result. Cycling also rewards riding that focuses less on result and more on the ride. Further, champion cycling puts together courage AND situational awareness. Most aggressive has at least the courageous part of it conquered but may need to redistribute focus for mastering awareness to win. And sometimes, Most Aggressive is a rider capable of ripping off everyone’s legs anyway who decides to smack down dramatically and decisively anytime he wants. 


Prayer for Most Aggressive Rider

“He did it so that all of the nations on earth would know that he is powerful. He did it so that you would always have respect for the Lord your God.”  55Joshua 4:24


We ask blessing upon appropriately-used aggressiveness in competition and winners of this category. We ask for displays of power that lead to respect.  

Ponder When do I respect aggression in myself or others? Affirm I use my aggression wisely. Watch well-worked power and assertive actions work well as a worthy result and esteem-builder.


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55New International Reader’s Version Copyright © 1996, 1998 by International Bible Society