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European Cycling

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Rainbow Tour

7“EuroVelo 6 is an ideal route for those who would like to complete a long-distance bicycle journey one stage at a time… the whole route from the Atlantic to the Black Sea!” European Cycling Federation


European Cycling carries the world of cycling

European Cycling carries the world of cycling

Europe is the center of our cycling world. Time spent there quickly teaches you why cycling is so popular. The concept of village as part of entertainment is central to European life. Cycling brings the community together to participate and watch bike races. The mature cultures of Europe are not too old – despite sophisticated media outlets – to gather in the street to play. We have pondered already some specific European nations dominant in cycling, as well as some of their events. We pray now for all of Europe’s cycling nations and governing bodies. We take a Rainbow Tour that visits everyone and brings good news – a blessing through today’s prayer.


From a nation whose national team was besieged with difficulties to demonstrating 8Olympic dominance, Switzerland is far from neutral in cycling’s united nations. Tiny Luxembourg triumphs over giants with its trio of 9Tour competitors. Kazakhstan put itself on the 10map with solo attacks and Protour sponsorship. Each nation has unique challenges and champions and from one end of the spectrum to the other, we mention them by name:       11Albania  Andorra Armenia  Austria  Azerbaijan  Belgium  Belarus  Bulgaria  Croatia  Cyprus  Czech Republic  Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Great Britain  Georgia  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Ireland Israel Italy  Latvia  Liechtenstein   Lithuania  Luxembourg  Moldova  Macedonia  Malta  Montenegro  Monaco  Netherlands  Norway  Poland   Portugal   Romania  Russia  San Marino  Serbia  Slovenia  Switzerland   Slovakia  Spain   Sweden  Turkey  Ukraine


Prayer for European Cycling
“We knew now for sure that God had called us to preach the good news to the Europeans.” 12Acts 16:10


We are glad that cycling’s heart beats in the bosom of this continent where so many different nations enjoy and promote it. We ask blessing on European cycling.               

Ponder Who is my favorite Europro and from which country? Affirm I want European cycling to increase and improve as a model to the world. Watch and seek ways we can support European leadership in pro road racing.


7European Cycling Federation has members from 38 nations and is a cyclo-touring network that includes Eurovelo6 a transcontinental bike route.


8Fabian Cancellara – Swiss won bronze in the road race and gold in the time trial of the 2008 Olympics

9Luxembourg’s Franck and Andy Schleck and Kim Kirchen were all on the GC leader board of the 2008 Tour de France

10Kazakhstan cyclist, Vinokourov was a delight to watch for well-timed aggressive attacks. Saddened by his doping. Team Astana is registered in this nation.

11See the list on Union Européenne de Cyclisme

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