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Ride Buddies/Peer Support

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Buddy System

58“Wendy gave me a challenge all the way. We did it together, we filled the top two spots. Two years ago, we said it would be us two.” Rebecca Romero, Olympic Pursuit Gold Medalist, on teammate Wendy Houvenaghel, Silver Medalist


Schleck Brothers: The Power of Two

Schleck Brothers: The Power of Two

Two with mutual interests is a powerful combination toward prosperity. Two-by-two little children take hands and keep track of each other’s journey in the buddy system. This kindergarten line-up procedure for safety outside the classroom works well in life also. Really good teams have a bigger more complex buddy system, and some riders have their own versions.

Family pairs like fathers-sons or brothers challenging and cheering each other’s achievements are common in sport. Both the rivalry and rapport give a competitive advantage against lone competitors. Not all of us have cyclists in the family, but we can all develop peer support. A group or even a training partner can commiserate, build teamwork, have fun during fierce moments of intense effort, share the passion, and push each other. Likewise during hard times, peer relationships can exchange ups and downs.

Certain long-term consistent coaching relationships, such as coach as a surrogate in the absence of an interested parent – can provide this kind of emotional infrastructure. Sometimes these unions are so vital that in the disruption of the partnership, an athlete decides to terminate competition. This happened to Xavier Brisseaud, French Espoir National Champion. Xav and his best friend came up through the ranks together as best buddies, earnest rivals, and young stars of cycling. Both enjoyed conscription as military cyclists as a launching pad for professional development. Then Xavier’s friend was killed. Xav lost interest in racing. But he became a fine performance manager for a grassroots development club with a powerful impact on riders in development. Perhaps the kind of incentive his rival-friend produced in him was passed on to others.

There’s power in having competitor companions. Sometimes it has something to do with performance on the bike also.


Prayer for Peer Support
“Carry each other’s heavy loads. If you do, you will give the law of Christ its full meaning.” 59Galatians 6:2


We are grateful for special training partnerships. We ask for peers to exchange encouragement and support. Bless our ride buddies!

Ponder Is the power of love included in my training? Affirm I care about friends who put the hurt on me! Watch dude, as I go up the road!


58“Event 21 – August 17: Women’s 3000m Individual Pursuit Final: Romero continues British stranglehold on track Games,” by Rob Jones in Beijing posted

59New International Reader’s Version Copyright © 1996, 1998 by International Bible Society