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Smart Cycling: Brain Power & Problem-Solving

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Smart Cycling

 69“I thought of that while riding my bike.” Albert Einstein, who knew a little about energy and speed


If two bikes going 55kph are travelling...

If two bikes going 55kph are travelling...

E=mc2. Is that a new power output formula? Einstein thought through the secrets of the universe while riding a bike, and bike racers use intellect to solve perhaps lesser mysteries.

Most champion bike racers are pretty smart. A few may be Einstein-smart but capable competitors are at least able to think clearly and with acumen. Experience making quick decisions helps in the process of building one’s brain “muscle.” Smart race-specific decision-making adds power to a performance. Good decisions of course reinforce positive experiences which in turn deepen and broaden one’s race intellect and abilities to accurately analyze and respond successfully.

Intellect can be trained for improvements, and 70studies show using the brain in new and challenging ways increases its function. Activities, such as learning to play a musical instrument or speak a new language, socialization, spirituality, and brain 71games like puzzles all contribute to analytical thinking.

Racers require a fair amount of downtime for recovery and this includes mental relaxation. It should also include mental stimulation from other sources. No excuses for mindless sitting around and brain mush due to too much TV for racers during recovery. No whining about boring living conditions in far-off places. There is plenty to do while reclining that will actively train the brain in preparation for difficult, oxygen-deprived race moments.

Plus there are plenty of problems to solve in pro cycling from data analyses of power files to staying abreast of clinical studies relevant to athletic regimens to learning something new about competitors or courses, research on an event’s history for insight about upcoming strategies, theories to save cycling from its big challenges, or pondering how to improve a particular aspect of performance.

There are as many things to contemplate as there are problems to solve!

Prayer for Brain Power & Problem Solving
 “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” 72Jeremiah 33:3

We are in awe of the power of the brain. We confess our athletic conquests leave us daft and drifty at times. We ask for intellect and spiritual contemplation as a means of problem-solving.

Ponder and read about your universe. Affirm I am smart and where I lack knowledge I will seek it. Watch the space between your ears and close its gap with positive, powerful thoughts and new information.


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