Ride IQ: Information


73“Spirituality has helped me in many ways conquer different things. Most importantly I suppose trying to think positively and happy thoughts and not dwelling on the fear itself. The mind is an amazing thing. Changing one’s mindset can be a bit challenging at times; however, I do believe it helps us conquer things.” Becky Kozlowski, Cyclist


Information SuperHighway: a roadway a cyclist can cruise

Information SuperHighway: a roadway a cyclist can cruise

74Studies link spirituality to proper brain performance and therefore behavior. Neurotheology affirms that beliefs contribute to motivation, morality, and mental balance – all of which improve mental clarity. Clarity is necessary for sustainable athletic improvements. Employing a mindset which learns continually is necessary for championship performance and enjoyable cycling.

Life these days is characterized by an increasing knowledge explosion. The nearly unlimited amounts of data to analyze can bombard us. The information for us to process is nearly overwhelming if not broken down into byte-sized feasts for the brain. The dilemma is not so much in not having answers but in sifting through to find truths, proofs, and positives. Grasp this data:  Google, the most powerful and comprehensive internet search engine, reports 2.7 billion searches daily.  Technical information doubles every two years!  By 2010, information is to double every 72 hours!

We may find our problem-solving becomes solving the problem of so much information! Cycling is another means to both discern and disseminate important information. For example, sponsors tie broadcast strategies with wellness messages using cycling events to demonstrate the product concept. There are many messages to broadcast and new ways to pair information with cycling. Think about it.

While cycling is not rocket science, it has a lot of science in it, as well as a lot of artistry. We can be innovators. We can be problem-solvers. We can think our way through and believe. We can use our wits to both encourage creativity and decide what’s really necessary to know. Information must translate to fresh insights. Insight is based on beliefs and must be cranked by truths. Keep riding toward truth.

Prayer for Knowledge & Information
 “…when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase.” 75Daniel 12:4

We confess our bewilderment with conflicting reports, confusing information, and distracting data. Keep us focused on increasing knowledge that enlarges our spirits and intellects, and which makes competitive cycling a smart and truthful pursuit.

Ponder What do I need to know? Affirm I learn new stuff every day. Watch for truth in new information.



73Becky Kozlowski’s input from Clinic notes for Cornering & Descending Skills run by Beth Leasure, April 2008

74“Fitness IQ for the Brain” by Bob Poor quoting Dr. Paul Nausbaum Neurological Surgery adjunct professor Pittsburgh School of Medicine, published by Herald Mail, September, 2008. Google data was also compiled in this article www.google.com

75Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright 1996, 2004 Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189


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