Ride IQ: Research

Suffering for Science

Suffering for Science

Peloton Review

i Standardization for Independent Doping Control Testing Facilities
ii Emerging Genetics: New Applications for Performance Enhancement
iii Innovations in Aerodynamic & Ergonomic Cycling Saddles
iv Discovering 7w/kg: Breaking the Impossible Barrier in Strength-to-Weight
v Techknowledgy: Newly Patented Instrumentation for Smart Training
vi Speedy Altitude Acclimatization Success in Control Group
vii Globalization Trends in Competitive Cycling & Fan Base Expansion
viii Neurotheological Approaches to Winning
ix Neuroscientific-Physiological Applications in Central Nervous System fatigue resistance
76Cycling-Specific Research Working Papers


Some of the problems facing cycling are complex, and teams of scientists and engineers research possible solutions. The aim of scientific method is to seek truth, but the problem with truth is that it is subject to 77perspective. For example, anti-doping control is a very complicated field of research. The same independent testing facilities that act as authorities on detection may also know how to avoid it, outwitting simpler testing methodologies of governing bodies. If data integrity is compromised by perspective, which may be influenced by who pays the bill, this makes independent testing facilities irrelevant in doping control.

The issue is the research itself – increasing or verifying knowledge – but in addition, the issue is who controls the knowledge and can this knowledge be manipulated. The aim of spirituality is to seek truth; but the problem with truth is that it is either Absolute and therefore humankind must adapt to it, or it is Morally Relative and therefore the rules change to suit the whims of the amoral. For example, a doper can justify behavior by claiming practices that are widely accepted within the peloton, the peer group. These practices, under the scrutiny of peer review in a doping community, are acceptable says Moral Relativism. In this way, you can see how peloton review may not always lead to truth.

Derived by spiritual deduction, Absolute Truth is more powerful and outlasts deception, and therefore the truthful are ultimately more powerful and enduring figures after disclosing failures. Short of perfection is a truth we all know for sure.


Prayer for Research

“God is praised for being mysterious; rulers [and scientists] are praised for explaining mysteries.” 78Proverb 25:2


We ask for integrity and veracity in cycling research, double-blind studies, and grace to accept truth.            

Ponder What do I know to be true? Affirm I want to know more, and I understand that increases accountability. Watch what you ask for and be specific in the details.


76Research Papers I’d Like To See, imagined by Beth Leasure 2008/09

77Do a word study about perspective’s role in determining facts within the philosophy of science, scientific method, truth, or research.

78The Message, Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

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