Cycling’s Prosperity

Tour de Globe

19“In the world of sport, the Tour is the third most watched event (after the Olympics and the World football championships.) Up to 15 million spectators are present on the race route, another two billion watch the event on their television sets during broadcasts to 200 countries. This spectator interest precisely corresponds to the ambitions and strategy of the Škoda brand.”       Cycling Sponsor



Cycling dons a suit

This spectator interest must also correspond to the ambitions and strategy of professional cycling.  Money may not make our world or our wheels go round but it does pay for sustainable cycling livelihoods and the privilege of pedaling.

With the glaring reality of a healthy bottom line income necessary before going to the start line, we need to take a hard look from a meta-view of pro cycling’s business strategy. Economics of-, Marketing of-, Foreign Policy of-, and Publicity of Competitive Cycling may not be grad school subjects, but we need to major in promotion and foreign exchange to generate income, as well as minor in tracking data for tailored financial growth strategies. Our cycling organizations should have units assigned with marketing tasks, such as publicity that increases cycling awareness in the general press; public relations that explains, maintains, and expands a leadership position in world-wide public health, fitness, and recreation; and ambassadorship that improves international commerce because of the world’s most basic and effective transportation – via bicycle.

Competitive cycling is an under-resourced, financially-stretched sport. Our lack of gate-proceeds is a hindrance in what is otherwise one of the most watched sports worldwide. Short of launching a global donation campaign to fund our campione, cycling’s interest does provide a legitimate and growing exposure to a large and loyal audience. During the assessments and the dreams, counting costs become part of an equation in determining direction. Can you dream it? How to fund it?


Prayer for Cycling’s Prosperity
“Steady plodding brings prosperity.” 20Proverbs 21:5

We understand love of money is the root of a lot of evil behavior, not money itself. We pray for money’s use as a resource to put and keep effective-entertaining-ethical cyclists, cycling programs, and cycling events on roads across the globe.

Ponder What would pro cycling be like if a group of business experts were actively working toward its expansion? Affirm We can take a leadership position in the world that affects finance and foreign policy. Watch how small the world gets – its circumference about the same as a pro’s annual mileage.


19Skoda Auto website

20The Living Bible Copyright © 1971 owned by assignment by KNT Charitable Trust published by Tyndale House Publishers

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