Benefits of Team Performance Plans

“Powerful teams are built by development of team as well as individual rider.” Len Pettyjohn, one of America’s most successful Team Directors




Confident that your training plan will result in performance at the right time next season? Dare to dream of teamwork that features your strengths and enlists you to work with teammates on challenged areas. Think of the fun accomplishment in completing team training rides that work both fitness and a team strategy. Forget bad memories of past team conflict because what was once an issue is now a lesson that has strengthened team relationships. This is not just fantasy cycling or the stuff only pro teams can implement. Amateur riders can also enjoy a team-optimized environment by enlisting the support of a Performance Consultant. This all sounds great but how can an amateur team afford what is normally the job of a pro team performance manager?


Take advantage now with this special pricing:

– $166 per month, per racer
– 3 month minimum
– 6 or more racers per team required
– Group Training Plan with individual consultations
– Additional Team Performance plan with skills synchronization

For the cost of a 1-week training camp, your squad can get fit and in sync with the same workouts, team-building skills, and a focus around a singular objective…

Rider Role & Training Plans relevant to Team Goals
Strategic Skills Plans
Team Ride Structures

Since members of a team invest in the concept together, the ideas are supported by the group!


Contact Beth while there is space on her roster:









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