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Financial Resources

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If money grew on trees...

Hamstrings & Purse Strings


21“It is frustrating at times as we only have limited financial resources and I would love to be able to do so much more. I am far from a perfect manager and I certainly do have a lot to learn, but I do the best I can with what I have.” Nicola Cranmer, Pro Team Manager


This expresses a sentiment felt by most pro team managers…never enough resources! Only a few top teams have budgets capable of participation at the Grand Tour level. Most pro squads make do with less money at whatever level their budgets allow them to be competitive. Teams with limited resources but stellar teamwork within tight organizations sometimes dominate wealthier teams in the races.

One domestic team had so much stuff; it took blocks of streets to park their personal caravan. They boasted a café in their RV and had so many support staff, mechanics stood around looking fresh – if you can imagine that in pro cycling! They had some success but not enough to justify sustained sponsorship, which makes sense if you add up dollars spent compared with exposure in only one domestic market. It’s a challenge to obtain the resources necessary to travel in a country with vast distances like America but which also lacks the eyeballs of a European-based team in terms of interested marketplace.

Still, the most successful teams are better resourced typically. Really big budget teams buy up the best riders. Parity may be better for the sport and make more interesting races but dominant teams do bring a lot of exposure from a riveted marketplace. We rely on this marketplace to be interested enough in cycling to funnel funds our way. That being said we love it when the underdog rider from a small squad outrides well-funded favorites.

The key is to make a realistic assessment of what the budget will buy and plan team goals and strategies to capture a niche within competitive cycling. Without resources, we get hamstrung – limited to where we can race and with whom. Our purse strings are sometimes tighter than our hamstrings.

Prayer for Financial Resources
“But godliness actually is a means of great gain, when accompanied by contentment.”  221 Timothy 6:6

We understand an aspect of money management is humility in determining realistic goals and contentment at that level. We pray for more resources if we can properly steward them.

Ponder How much money do I need to be competitive? Affirm I add up what I currently have so that it equals success. Watch every penny to see which bits go farthest.




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