Cycling Brotherly Love

Another way to see a city

In the pro ranks we have examples of brothers competing with and for one another, such as the Schlecks of Saxo-Bank and the Meyers brothers for Garmin-Slipstream in 2010. Recently, I ran across an example of this closer to home.


Josh Vogelstein is a pro in his field. He is a post-doc at Johns Hopkins University studying Neuroscience and is seeking links which will enable improved learning in the future. Specifically, he is looking into what we can say/predict about personality/cognitive abilities from simply looking at an individual’s brain architecture. Josh notes, “Much like how exercise science is informing us about better ways to train, more reasonable goals, etc., it is my hope that brain science will lead to complementary advances in training our brains more effectively.” Sounds like this could have athletic applications in the future.


Josh used his brain architecture in applying an athletic solution toward spending some time with his sister because Josh also likes to ride. His sister, Ahava, whose name means Love, is not so crazy about riding but she does love her brother and so these two adult siblings have found a novel way to tour together. This is the kind of wacky fun that families figure out.


Happy sister Love


No wonder then why Josh asked me recently if he could improve his legspeed on the hills while pulling 120+ pounds. The things we do for Love…of riding and family.


"Riding" together




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