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Internal Health: Feed or Fast?

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Clean It Up

12“He is able to eat solid food again, as the other end of his digestive tract is now working properly. ‘It’s nice to be able to poo again.’”         Jan Rehula, Czech Olympian


A little forced but you get the idea



Resting sometimes means withdrawing from the structure of an elite racer’s spartan diet by feeding the body what it wants and what is withheld during competition. This can bring some emotional comfort or possibly nutritional restoration after a depleting season. Or sometimes resting the body can mean withholding some food for a time. The timing can vary for these off-season nutritional journeys – whether forays into indulgent treating or respites for fasting and cleansing – both in moderation. For instance, one could indulge during the holidays or when reconnecting with friends and family but set aside some time for cleansing or a fast.

Sometimes a fast is forced due to injury, surgery, or rehabilitation. The body works efficiently when cleansed internally; it can be like a fuel-efficient high octane performance machine when digestion is unhindered. 13Studies show that fasting combined with feeding can spark an increased performance effect, but changes in diet should be done as trials when not training hard or racing.

Fasting works best when combined with lots of rest and minimum amounts of stress. It’s best to perform a fast or cleanse with some oversight and expert advice in the off-season. Even with this advice, question ingredients for any supplemental cleanses and check the 14WADA list for banned substances. Check it out, and then after you do, release into the benefits of a cleanse or fast. It can lead to clarity, vision-casting, and experiencing life with the refreshed senses of a different season. 


Prayer for Internal Health

“Don’t you see that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and then out of the body?” 15Matthew 15:17


Our bodies are wonderfully made and responsive. We are grateful that we can work hard and that healthy eating and digestion are available to us! We are grateful for advances in nutrition. We pray for internal healing and for the sparkling insight cleansing may yield.


Ponder What habits can be changed for greater health and who can you ask to help you with this? Affirm I have a purpose which requires strength and internal fortitude. Watch how purification affects your energy physically and spiritually.



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