Making It Happen

Podium time comes through Planning

6“…right away, I started to think about what I’ll do differently next year — because I plan on getting there again next year.” Nick Frey, American U23 TT Champion after his ride at World’s

Dreams revisited and hope refreshed, now it’s time to think about the activities required to create a desired future. For some in our community, this may mean an actual business plan with financial projections for sponsors, promoters, managers. In some cases, this may be a strategic plan which forecasts a global racing agenda. A cyclist’s annual plan may consist of a training program, a race schedule, and performance-related goals. These are all stages in the dream tour. Some homework is in order today: creating and gathering these documents; and setting up meetings with trusted advisors to discuss it.

Contemplate where your bike is taking you this next year, how it’s going to get you there, and how you’ll know if you got there or not. You know from where we’ve gone together so far, that you’ll not get off simply with the bike goals. It’s best to add some other essential ingredients. Soul-search on your true motivations, check their veracity and integrity, skim off the fat of self-absorption and the dross of vengeance.

Focus instead on what your unique contribution can be thinking about your goals within a series of concentric circles in community. From the inner circle of you and your intimate allies to an ever-widening sphere of influence and involvement, evaluate your strategy to include club/team/organization, then racing region to national impact, and finally international exchange and the universal good of all. Your contribution to the world may be as simple as responsibly approaching your goals so as not to expect from or be a burden upon others. Interdependent realism has amazing returns during tough times, at all times.

Prayer for Planning

“May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” 7Psalm 20:4

We are grateful for free will and the right to pursue happiness. We confess our dread of tangible measurements to that happiness at times. We ask for divine intervention to make a path before us and be our rear guard.

Ponder What are some tangible steps I can take this year toward my dreams? Affirm I can plan where the light shines upon the next steps and not fear the unknown beyond them. Watch those steps turn into destined pathways.

6“Need for Speed: Engineering Propels Champion Cyclist,” Science Daily Nov 5, 2007 on Adapted from materials provided by Princeton University

7The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

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