Warm Bods

24“Massage…gives a jump start by warming the muscles, tendons, and ligaments…preheats your body…to endure the demands to come.” Roger Pozeznik, Cyclist, Massage Therapist

Even sports massage can be luxurious!

The rigors of travel or hill repeats merit some spa time. The healing hands of a masterful masseuse compete with the heat of a warm sauna or outdoor hot spring for soothing relaxing recovery. Though cold therapies may be better at certain times, massage is important for injury prevention, recovery, and enjoying day after day training and touring, not to omit – yikes – help healing from a crash, and for a pre-ride warm-up.

Many techniques of massage are available. From deeply cleansing sessions to gentle clearing, the sequence for cycling should include legs of course, but also neck and shoulders. The goal is supplesse – that oft elusive state of great strength and flexibility – found after hard training. With appropriate recovery, supple muscles dance, responsive to the rhythms of the road.

Massage is necessary for pros but the entire community can avail of this service, either through self-massage, foam rolls, or some method of rubbing smooth the contours accumulated through fatigue’s metabolic by-products. Some believe a connection can be made with long-held emotional by-products as well, as mind-body-spirit types have felt for years. Many a tale can be told about tears on the massage table and some memory returning evoked lovingly by deep touch. With this vulnerability in mind, it’s important to choose practitioners carefully.

Sometimes targeting specific tightness or injury is assisted by physical therapy or chiropractic modes. It’s pretty common in cycling to have some kinetic dysfunction now and again when even subtle changes wreak havoc on palpable areas.

Prayer for Massage & Therapeutic Treatments
“But Jesus said, ‘Someone did touch me; for I perceived that healing power has gone forth from me.’” 25Luke 8:46

We are grateful for masters of muscular manipulation and for deep relief from soreness. We confess we sometimes neglect this necessary part of training. We ask for conscious effort and opportunity to care for laden legs and for blessing upon massage therapists and other muscular practitioners.

Ponder Am I caring for my legs as much as I’m cracking them? Affirm I can learn some self-massage when absent from experts. Watch for happy legs when warm hands apply their healing power.

24Massage for Cyclists, by Roger Pozeznik published by Vitesse Press, Montpelier, Vermont

25Amplified Bible, Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foundation

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