International Associations

Links in the Chain

40“I’ve had enough.” Patrick Lefevere on resigning from AIGCP due to constant quarreling between the UCI and Grand Tour organizers

Nelson Mandela in yellow!

There are cycling associations with distinctive missions, activities, and concerns.The chain works best with well-oiled cooperation. These groups are links in a chain of multinational communication among special interest groups, the UCI and Grand Tour organize:

IPTC International Professional Cycling Teams,
AIGCP International Association of Professional Cycling Teams,
CPA Association of Professional Cyclists,
ADISPRO International Association of Directeur Sportifs,
MPCC Movement for Credible Cycling,
AIOCC International Association of Cycling Race Organizers, and
CAS Court of Arbitration for Sport called in to make rulings.

There may be other important organizations or powerful individuals not mentioned here that may contribute to a working dialogue.

The chain can get a bit squeaky during hard pushes. Conflicts arise over doping scandals and how to treat the alleged perpetrators: to exclude or not to exclude and who has the right to team selection in major events – UCI, the promoters, or the reps?

We do need leadership who can mediate and reunite factions in conflict. Perhaps cycling should look outside cycling for a neutral negotiator that understands how to bring a variety of perspectives, on the verge of breakdown, into a compatible cause.

Perhaps cycling needs a 41Nelson Mandela – a consummate diplomat whose appeal transcends provincial interest and outmoded regimes and who represents positive change and willingness to patiently endure for it. Pro cycling needs to oil its chain. Some literature refers to oil as a symbol of grace. Less finger pointing, more merciful discussions please.

Prayer for International Associations
“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head… running down…down upon the collar of his robes.[the links of his chain] …” 42Psalm 133:1-2

Cover our shame and help the people and issues in these causes and organizations. Restore talks, reveal solutions, raise up cooperative leadership to improve cycling at the top. Let this be cleansing balm that trickles down to the common cyclist. Amen.

Ponder Whom do I blame for cycling’s recent disgraces? Aren’t we all in some ways to blame? Affirm I am as much to blame. Intolerance for cheating starts with me. Watch and pray for continued talks.

40“Lefevere stops as head of AIGCP,” Latest Cycling News for December 5, 2007 Edited by Gregor Brown, with assistance from Susan Westemeyer

41Nelson Mandela was pardoned and released from prison by President F.W. de Klerk after serving twenty-seven years in prison for activities related to ending apartheid, a policy of racial separation. Afterwards, Mandela became the first Black president of South Africa, and he chose de Klerk as his first deputy. “However, the relationship was sometimes strained, particularly so in a sharp exchange in 1991 when he furiously referred to De Klerk as the head of ‘an illegitimate, discredited, minority regime.’” ( Even so, Mandela and de Klerk were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. Mandela’s presidency and involvement in the U.N. was characterized by a Policy of Reconciliation, and he won respect for his advocacy of national and international cooperation. Mandela’s urging for Black South Africans to support previously hated white South African national rugby team and his presentation of the World Champion trophy to the captain, an Afrikaner, was “widely seen as a major step in the reconciliation” process. He is a great statesman, able to endure long negotiations among highly conflicted parties.

42The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

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