Warm Thoughts

28“While there are certainly born champions – people who possess great physical advantages – there are also many cyclists who have become winners because of their mental prowess.” Dean Woods, Australian Cyclist, Olympic and World Champion

Protect your mind as well as your face

The golden mind of a conqueror is molded by fiery thoughts of overcoming all adversity while undergoing cold hardship. Winter’s high volume weeks may wear down one’s enthusiasm but provide a great opportunity to imagine possibilities. With increasing fatigue and duress acting as strength training for the mind, think of your mentality as a muscle to train where increased stress, then rest yields prowess. Enduring long training in cold, lots of climbing, travel, or comparisons in riding with others are perfect conditions to practice the mental fundamental of positive thinking. Periodically, an epic ride or adventurous experience can test fortitude and spark survival instincts.

Coming to the end of oneself and digging deep, stretching oneself mentally is ignition for future exploits. Sometimes life brings this to you unwanted – well outside your realm of comfort. Seize it as an opportunity to capture the stuff of winning by rising to it and then storing it for confident distribution against your next challenge. Even if it levels you and you “fail,” this is another tool in your winning package that gives clues as to how to surmount your limits, providing refinement in goal setting.

Part of these limits may come from within when self-talk is negative. Check your internal chatter and utilize its information. “I’m going to get dropped,” unchecked may cause you to give up too soon, but the same statement can school you as an empowering direction to change position. Even off the back, you have value and must trust that the worst finish can be fuel toward many firsts. You must win in your head to become a winner on the road.


Prayer for Positive Thinking

…With human beings this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”   29Matthew 19:26

We are grateful to participate in a process of prosperity in partnership with greater powers from within and without. We confess our doubts in ourselves and a loving God which sees us through all difficulty. We pray to believe that all things work together for good.


Ponder Have I learned to lose by being defeated from the start? Affirm I can do all things with God to help me. Watch for miracles, but work toward those chances.

28Dean Woods Manual of Cycling, by Dean Woods with Rupert Guiness. Copyright © Dean Woods 1995 www.deanwoods.com.au

29Today’s New International Version, © Copyright 2001, 2005 by International Bible Society

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