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Les Sept Chemins The Seven Routes

Posted in New Year's Resolve on February 23, 2010 by bethleasure

8“Today I maybe did 100 points? So for me it’s worth it [to race in Belgium]; I’d have to do about five races in the US to get that many.” Lyne Bessette, Pro Cyclist, on event selection for a starting spot at Cyclo Cross Worlds 

Opportunities of the Round-About


Today we focus on an aspect of planning pondered in pre-season: event selection as an inducement and measurement of progress. From local to international, many of the year’s events are being announced. Teams are choosing where to race based on resources, sponsor strategy, abilities of its members, and other considerations within short and long range plans.

These times mark an unprecedented abundance of choices. Cycling’s growth is seen in the elevation of the Grand Tours from the Pro Tour, multi-continental series tours, and diversion in American pro racing between National Calendar and US PRO events. Never before has there been so much opportunity to race and at a competitively comparable level. This may make the gaps between levels somewhat easier to bridge with more small steps, but complicates goal-setting. Event selection should align short and long term goals, as well as benefit from experienced up-to-date analysis of a dynamic competitive offering.

One of my favorite training routes in France arrives at a magical crossroads. From this intersection, one had seven choices for routes. Each road gave a different training opportunity: long and mountainous, a rolling shortcut and five more of equal appeal. Deciding which way to ride was based on what I wanted to achieve both on the day and for my overall plan. I couldn’t control the weather or if I got a flat, but I could enjoy sensible effort harmonized with my unique plan. A rider’s schedule, accounting for goals, dreams, and realistic achievements, sets up a year of success.

Prayer for Event Selection
“How long will your journey take, and when will you get back? …so I set a time.” 9Numbers 2:6

We are thankful for cycling’s vibrancy! We confess we sometimes choose events superficially. We ask to scrutinize our selections, and for increasing race opportunities worldwide. 

Ponder Which events are best for the plan(s) in my circle(s)? Affirm I can use the calendar to both establish and grow me (us).  Watch intelligent arrangements bring stability and improvement.


8“After USGP, it’s Christmas in Belgium for Canada’s top ‘crosser,” By Gerard Knapp in Belgium, First Edition Cycling News for December 3, 2007 Edited by Steve Medcroft

9The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society