Saddle Comfort

Personal Points

47“There are only three points of contact between you and your bike. Your feet press on the pedals, your hands rest on the handlebars and your bum perches on your saddle! The choice of saddle is an extremely personal one.”  Why Cycle? advice forum

After a lot of miles, it doesn't have to feel like this

In the spirit of Easter, sometimes it’s one’s own body that needs to be resurrected. We turn to touchy subjects this week as a focus for pondering and for perhaps palpable affirmations. The most private point of contact with the bike demands a most personal responsibility to find the right combination for health and well-being. Saddle friction and private hygiene account for saddle soreness. While the bike is no easy chair, saddle discomfort is not inevitable. There are measures to take for correcting an uncomfortable underside. Experiment with saddle position checking height, fore-aft, and whether level or tilted. Keep records of changes. There have never been more choices for saddle types – width, length, materials, and cut-outs. Ask a reputable bike shop to test-ride saddles so you can mount your unique match. There is something out there for everyone and while it may not be as sleek as a marketed “top of the line” model; it doesn’t have to be a tractor seat to give you the undergirding necessary for comfortable carriage.

Persnickety and cautious pros sometimes mount unusual favorites – out of sight of sponsor photographs, they hope. Pros also know that cycling shorts are meant for cycling and quickly change into clean street clothing soon after rides. Friction can be reduced further with chamois creams and lubricants. Favoring one of those is also a point of personal choice.

Don’t expect that riding comes with a complete lack of seated comfort. You don’t have to take up knitting to avoid misery from posterior agony leaving you to focus on the good suffering. The point is, don’t neglect this most important area of your private riding life.

Prayer for Saddle Comfort
“‘Comfort, oh comfort my people,’ says your God.” 48Isaiah 40:31

We are glad for a variety of seating arrangements. We confess we neglect our softer sides at times. We pray for expert assistance and experimental options in a quest for saddle comfort.

Ponder Do I justify a chafed rear-end? Have I found my comfortable choice? Affirm I pick a frictionless touch point where flesh meets frame. Watch soreness increase if neglected and make some new choices.

47“Increasing cycling comfort: Bike Saddles,”

48The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

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