Race Announcers

Winsome, Lose Some

24“He takes the time to learn so many local racers’ names, even pack fodder like me. He spends many a weekend making us feel like stars, even if just for a moment.”  Ken Sheck, Amateur Cyclist on 25Race Announcer

Race radio is one privilege of race participants, and spectators benefit further from old-fashioned race announcement. Announcers with microphones and a public address system comment on the race as it unfolds. They can whip up fervor to draw and excite a crowd. These lively commentaries can either be clever and witty discourses that discuss rider personalities and explain the race or they can be distressingly mundane, opinionated monologues.

The most impressive announcers know and like the racers and understand the nuances of racing while bringing its participants to life for the audience. The crowd gets behind this type of commentator, anticipates and cheers, and experiences by proxy the great drama and human interest of bike racing. Sometimes announcers seem more pleased to hear themselves opine about insider gossip or demean a challenged competitor. Some clearly show disdain and perpetuate certain stereotypes of racing, such as calling a women’s race a “tea party and let’s get moving girls” to “frustrated masters riders who complain about everything.” What’s better is to focus on the reasons, such as “slower pace caused by a more tactical race with fewer dominant participants,” so the audience understands the differences from other categories, other events, and other moments in racing history.

An announcer that credits the conquering strong while giving details about challenged competitors adds dimension to the event. Everybody loves a winner but the sport needs more people to like it; so to make it winsome, discuss the value and interesting tidbits of all participants to whom the audience relates.

Prayer for Race Announcers

“But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.” 26Matthew 19:30

We are glad for educated and enthusiastic live commentary. We ask for sensitive, intelligent announcement of races that broadens the base of support for cycling and encourages its participants.

Ponder If someone were shouting your praises would it influence your self-talk, outlook, and actions? Affirm I am a victor no matter what is said about me. Watch the road to victory as one opportunity after another to move from last to first, first to last, last to first…




24posted June 8, 2008 by Ken Sheck on MABRA-USCF group www.groupsgoogle.com

25 reference deleted

26The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

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