Clean Cycling: A Clear Conscience

A Painful Reveille  (rĕv-ĕl-lē)

37“Doping is extremely harmful to cycling. Currently, there is a climate of suspicion. It is undermining the credibility of my sport and is eroding the trust of the public, authorities, organizers and my colleagues.”  UCI Anti-Doping Declaration for Team Staff


And a clear conscience laughs at false accusation


The morning wake up call has sounded. A piercing trumpet is arousing an army to fight a war on illegal performance-enhancing drugs in cycling. This army’s intention is to strike down whole hierarchies and rise against entire enterprises that are in the business of exploitation of you, the cyclist’s legitimate desire to be the best.

A properly administered doping cyclist will race better for a time, and it’s possible that you will become the King of the Universe winning many battles along the way. Yet you will never win the war. For if you are able to outrun  detection, doping controls, suspicion, tarnished reputation, ruined resources, physical side-effects, even an informant, then you will be defeated by the one challenger that you can never outrun – your own conscience. All your laurels, trophies, jerseys, and accolades will be tainted by the knowledge that you lied and cheated. Your fond memories will always bring discord, unable to reconcile yourself fully to a confident authenticity. You were, when doping, a pretender. In pretending, you cheated the real winner, the person most capable of winning due to ability, or hard work, or savvy. Your own heart will bear witness that you undermined destiny. Everyone else may think of you as a legend. A hero doesn’t believe his own press but with humility surveys himself.

What is more honorable than mounting that top step? The knowledge that you did the best you had with what you were naturally given and could enhance through discipline and discretion. This is a warrior’s genuine beauty and legitimate strength.

Prayer for Conscience

“But if you don’t do what you say…you can be sure that your sin will track you down.” 38Numbers 32:23-24

We are grateful that we have a built-in mechanism that guides us from wrong to right. We confess ignoring that inner whisper. We ask to sensitize and stop rationalizing our decision-making, to stop silencing clamorous cheating voices so the voice of truth – our conscience- can tell a different story.

Ponder Is my conscience clear?  Affirm I can make things right immediately. Watch how wrongs add up. Watch how clearly you can contemplate solutions when facing truths about yourself.
37“Manager’s and other team staff’s commitment to a new cycling,” UCI anti-doping declaration as posted on as of December 2007

38The Message, Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

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