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Clean Cycling: Team Doctors

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Racing at Two Speeds

45“You cannot race a tour on bread and water.”  Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes, Operacíon Puerto, and a Rationalizer bar none.

Syringe Man makes his "point"

Usually there are two races happening in the peloton: a small percentage who think they can win and everybody else. Sports psychology recommends a variety of techniques to sustain the work and increase the will to be in that top group. This is true in every endeavor: there are always leaders and followers, haves and have-nots, achievers and wanna-be’s. Sometimes a reflection of work or will, opportunity or ability – this is perhaps a discussion for politicians, economists, and philosophers.

Why is it cycling’s doping perpetrators think the sport exempt from this human condition? Racing at two speeds is a cycling-specific phrase that differentiates corrupted medical violators from clean riders. A doctor implicated in a doping scandal justified his care of his athletes to compete at the speed of the doping group. 46He has claimed that his clients needed medication to participate because the sport is unhealthy at the professional level. It seems he thought he was doing his riders a favor. Such thinking is gross rationalization. In my family, we have an old-fashioned adage, “It’s never right to do wrong to do right.”

Every event, everywhere, in every sport has at least two classes of participants with at least two different “speeds.” No drug anywhere is going to change this. Yet the doctor raises a point, it’s time to evaluate what it takes to properly care for those who compete in today’s peloton. Seek good and caring medical practitioners in your life, but stay clean in the process.

Prayer for Team Doctors, Medical Community

“Confess your faults to one another, pray for one another so that together you may be healed.” 47James 5:16

We are thankful that medical knowledge and doctors may heal us. We confess fault if any method of healing becomes part of the problem. We ask for knowledge for new treatments and moral courage for ethical care. We pray that 48dialogue and research by this smart group help solve some of cycling’s problems.                        Prohibited List

Ponder Am I aware of what’s on the list of banned substances? Affirm I am responsible to know about effects and ethics of any supplements I use. Watch for a compromising spirit when seeking medical advice; all legal treatments available are not ethical or lawful for cyclists.

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48The American Association of Cycling Team Doctors (AACTD) was formed for scientists and health care professionals to collaborate on care and treatment of cyclists. Dialogue between team doctors and medical staff has begun while at the big tours. More talk and action are needed.