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Bike Theft

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27“Cycling is a small family and it’s normal for teams to help each other out, but I have never seen a team act with such generosity on such short notice.”  Kris Westwood, Canadian Team Manager thanking Team Gerolsteiner for loaner bikes due to theft

This ain't no 'crosser - more like double-crosser

Imagine your anticipation and preparation for a world championship being hampered by your bike being stolen while far from home. This is what faced the Canadians when team equipment was stolen from a locked vehicle at the venue prior to this important event.

Bike theft and crimes against cyclists are on the rise. Pilfered frames generally affect those whose use is the greatest: messengers, students, and commuters. Racers are not immune. Headlines are rife with violent crimes, including muggings and assaults on bike paths, armed robberies against riders, and drive-by shootings.

Strong locks and avoiding certain areas only work so far in crime prevention against cyclists. While riding in a swank resort area known for mountainous terrain, some hoodlums thought it would be fun to stick a gun in my face from their gangsta sedan, financed by the meth use of rich youth from the “good” neighborhood. I’ve also ridden in notorious inner city ‘hoods and got no more trouble than respect and good directions. The determined criminal looks for opportunity and can find it in daylight in wide open spaces or busy places.

The worst incident I know occurred in the Boulder prairie – one of cycling’s meccas – where an angry driver did multiple U-turns trying to mow down a small group of pros on a typical training route. No one was seriously injured, but the driver served hard time for attempted vehicular manslaughter.

Recently I heartening story about a detective pulling a woman out of a burning house when he went to the neighbor’s to return a stolen bike. Talk about making good from a bad situation.

While cycling does much good, it’s not insulated from the bad that’s out there. Fortunately for the Canadians, another team came through replacing their stolen bikes for the event. This sort of neighborhood watch and rapid response is an example of how to pray against crime breaking in on the property and peace of the cycling community.

Prayer against Bike Theft/Crime

“Thou shalt not murder…Thou shalt not steal.” 28Exodus 20:13, 15

We are glad for law enforcement and for kind community reparations as a result of crime. We pray for protection against criminal activity in cycling. We ask punishment and justice for proven offenders.

Ponder Am I locking up, taking precautions against crime? Affirm I follow my instincts sensing criminal activity. Watch your cycling neighborhood; report and seek help for suspicious behavior.

One good source for prevention and detection is  The site is designed to leverage social media to alert, not just anyone, but like-minded people who truly understand the impact of losing your bike to theft. 

27“Canadian Team Bikes Stolen in Stuttgart, Gerolsteiner steps in with Replacements,” Courtesy Kris Westwood, CCa posted September 24, 2007 on

28Holy Bible, King James Version public domain