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Cycling: Reciprocity & Reconnecting

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16“I don’t enjoy being away from my wife and son and even when they’re here (in Spain), I’m off racing 90 percent of the time anyway.” Jonathan Vaughters on ending his pro cycling career

Vaughters takes a moment

It’s a fast paced world with lots of demands in it, many of them outside of our control in fulfilling work obligations so we can provide for ourselves and our families. Ride schedules often separate us from our loved ones for long periods. Time apart takes a toll on relationships and we suffer from lack of connection. Even with increasing means to communicate from any place at any time, there’s no substitute for face time. Being in front of someone offers an authenticity and depth– they can see you, you can see them. It can be a better experience for keeping each other close.

Even superman athletes express this need to return to a stable home base. Off-season or periods off the bike – forced or not – give this opportunity and more. Savor the presence of your loved ones; give to them in the ways they’ve given to you all season. It’s possible they’ve protected you from issues or conversations or duties so you could focus. Perhaps this is the time to offer the same service to them. It’s not easy loving a cyclist who at times can be single-minded, even self-absorbed. Consider that your loved one may be waiting for the right time to share with you about their needs or wishes. It’s easy to believe sometimes in sport that it’s all about us, but our loved ones know it’s not. You know what you’ve been asking from others to support you; now is the time to ask others how you can support them. The answers may cause some changes on your part, but consider this: what lasting value has winning if there’s no one to celebrate the victory with you? The ones who care about your triumphs also have dreams, and you know about going for those!

Prayer for Reciprocity

“Most of all, love each other as if your life depended on it. Love makes up for practically anything.” 171 Peter 4:8


What a privilege to have emotional support and practical help from others. We are grateful for those who love and help us. We pray for wisdom to know how to give back. We ask to be a blessing to our loved ones.


Ponder What can I do to thank others? Who may need me to come through for them? Affirm I can be world-class at caring. Watch how love multiplies when it sets aside its own interests.

16“Vaughters requests release from contract,” by Charles Pelkey, News Editor, Velo News, July 20, 2002

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