Cycling’s Media

Extra, Extra

33“The elastic has snapped.”
“…dancing on the pedals…”
“Now [insert name] is going to have a go.”
“This is NOT a made for television event.”  Phil Liggett, Cycling Broadcaster 

King of the Airwaves

We are no longer bound by the lag time of printing processes or delivery for day old news. We can find out about races as they are happening! The modern journalist is in the caravan also, uploading their perspective of the racing action using wireless connections, or at race end broadcasting to the four corners of the earth if televised. I can sit in my office online on the East Coast and be in the break vicariously with my coached athlete racing in the Pyrenees!

Unless you’re lucky enough to reside in Europe where television covers bicycle racing with Superbowl-style publicity, it’s staggering to think that instantaneous sports reporting has only occurred in the last few years in cycling! Live satellite feeds can give spectators a better view of the action at times than even a racer in the field. We experience the hype, even a bit of the elevated heart rate and get as close to racing as we can.

Yet traditional journalism has its place also. Long after the event ends, it’s gratifying and educational to read about what happened, understand the perspective of its participants through their feedback, and follow a continuous, ongoing story that supersedes sound bytes. Online news services, periodicals, books, bios, and memoirs serve to deepen our understanding of the facts and the opinions in our little world of intrigue, intensity, and incredible feats. Media coverage provides commentary and announcers as zany and loveable as cycling itself.

Prayer for Media

“‘Write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may be able to read it easily and quickly as he hastens by.’ 34Habakuk 2:2

We are thankful for technologies that bring us news from afar at speed.  We are grateful for existing media outlets and for its reporters. We pray for colorful and responsible reporting that’s accurate while it attracts new fans to the sport. We ask for opportunities to talk to the media, an expanding audience, and increasing coverage to promote cycling.

Ponder Am I prepared to give an informative account of my cycling experiences? Affirm I am committed to being well-informed about the events in cycling. Watch read, listen to as much news and information as possible to further your understanding of first-rate riding.

33Comments by Phil Liggett known as Liggett-isms or catchy colloquial descriptions given in his special vernacular during his race announcement for television. Phil Liggett is an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster widely regarded as the voice of the Tour de France and cycling in the world. He is arguably the most popular English speaking cycling journalist on the planet.

34Amplified Bible, Copyright © Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foundation

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