Cycling to Completion

Sweet fruits of cycling goals achieved!

Bittersweet Fruit

62“There is a bitter aftertaste about the way I had to stop.” Michael Boogerd on his comeback

The racing may stop but the passions sometimes continue. Racing provides constant feedback and gratification. Plugging along in the regular world can be dull by comparison.

My passion for racing was so great, I could not imagine it coming to an end. I never thought that a sense of completion would come for me but there did come a day when desire to race as a full-time rider ceased. Even though I didn’t leave on a high note but with an injury that required extended rest and rehab, still my racing time felt full – not fantastic, but with memories of many fruitful seasons. I concluded that my greatest contribution in cycling would not be as a racer and subsequent seasons didn’t feel like famine but rather like farming in new fields. My passion is alive for the cycling community. I’m a lifer on the bike and occasionally compete but with good health and sharpness a priority over performance.

Yet focus for professional cycling requires an inscrutable discipline excluding most other activities. Those with great racing abilities must have a sense of completion of competitive purposes, and a satisfied stewardship of talent totally explored. Personal missions may vary, such as becoming a responsible citizen through the conduct required for pro cycling or publicizing a cause. Character may be rounded since pursuing tasks to the finish with integrity brings a form of wholeness. Further, our professionals as public figures ought not to be reacting to contemporary social issues related to sport, but leading honorable policies. This takes vision, community-mindedness, and courage.

Coming back? Welcome back! Show us what you can do whether to rectify past wrongs, prove yourself again, or perhaps set new standards. Whether you succeed or fail we’ll respect the attempt to bring to completion any unfinished business or newly formulated benevolence.

Prayer for Comebacks

“…after I have completed this task and have made sure that they have received…I will go…” 63Romans 15:28

We feel sweet sadness at summer’s end. Like the close of beloved seasons in life, we ask for complete, not bitter endings.

Ponder Are tasks completed in my current role? If not, will continuing be better than coming back? Affirm I finished another season, and its unfulfilled remnants are fueling new desire to achieve. Watch how time away may cause loss of momentum, but it may also grow toward an even riper more bountiful harvest.



62“Boogerd next on comeback trail?” Latest Cycling News, September 11, 2008 Edited by Hedwig Kröner

63The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

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