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Bike Trade Shows

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Bike Holidays

42“Prepare for three packed days of exhibits, product launches, meetings and a celebration of the bicycle business…”            Interbike Trade Show-Las Vegas

Amazing displays inside and out

 September begins Trade Show season for the cycling industry with events in major cities staged as part of a global tour of trade shows. These conventions are like festivals of old that commemorated some important occasion – annual holy days typically. As industry reunions, trade shows foster deal-making, inventory ordering, and face time among teams and cycling manufacturers.

These bike holidays celebrate the gathering of industry leaders and product launches with myriads in public attendance. It’s possible to tour warehouses like a kid in a candy store…or a bike rider in the biggest bike shop you can imagine complete with bike personalities, bike decision-makers, bike-builders, and bike media. But it’s not just a social gathering or an opportunity for a celebrity sighting. Deals made here determine sponsorship allocations, product distributions, brand awareness, and bottom line bike business.

While it is like a season-end party at times with long dinners and late nights, it also provides ride opportunities – perhaps the best forum to deepen industry relationships. Many of these connections cross borders into national clusters of cycling businesses that influence bike riders everywhere. One gets a true feel for frame sources and manufacture in the Taiwan Pavilion and is awed by the graceful industry maturity of Euro Village at the Vegas show. Anywhere one goes on the exhibition floor, something show-stopping is sure to amaze. Among the booths of several thousand exhibitors, even the displays that showcase new products leave you breathless. It’s also incredible to look across an aisle and spot two legendary riders discussing some matter with animation.

It’s important to note that much of actual business is decided before and after in the quietness of private conversations; but for a thrill and to get a meet-and-greet bike-style, tour round and round one of these shows.

Prayer for Bike Trade Shows

“So don’t put up with anyone pressuring you in details of diet, worship services, or holy days. All those things are mere shadows cast before what was to come; the substance is Christ. 43Colossians 2:16-17

We ask blessing on bicycle trade shows. Ponder Who can I meet this year? Affirm I attend cycling’s biggest party. Watch your attendance deepen your involvement in the cycling industry.

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