Track Racing

Beyond the Blue Line

63“I’ve been waiting for this since 1985 when the snow brought down the roof of the Vigorelli Velodrome.” Francesco Moser on track installation in Milan, 2007

Moser was famous for an effortless pedal stroke

Snow is not all that brings down the house during winter track season. The festival atmosphere of 6-Day’s is legendary. From late night affairs at indoor velodromes in Europe to 64“winter” carnival racing in warm season Down Under, the oval comes into world focus. Precious as the opportunity is in many places to engage in track racing due to inaccessibility to velodromes, today we dwell trackside.

Track racing is another area of specialization that sees cross-over in cold months by road racers, when the track world competes in premier events. Time trialists and speed specialists, able to concentrate on short work, heighten their abilities. With multiple race opportunities per event, competitive skills can be learned in compact time. Viewers can learn about the sport easily by watching action on the entire course while listening to a clearly announced event. It is a crowd pleasing way to experience the key motions of world class athletes within a Madison’s throwing distance.

Cycling’s technological advances often are innovations first used in the velodrome. Anyone can simulate some of the benefits beyond the blue line of the track by riding a fixed gear this time of year. With each fixed revolution, one enters spinning nirvana. Experience the top-end rpm’s of the track spinmeisters via a steep downhill on the fixie. Simulate that for your base period, and see how those first bites of speedy springtime buffering in the quads are minimized to feel like familiar nips.

Prayer for Track Racing

“The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course.” 65Ecclesiastes 1:6


We are thankful for fixed gear fever and full view velodrome action. We confess we sometimes prefer linear coasting to roundabout repetition. We pray for determination to dig deep for improvement and for our focused friends in track cycling.

Ponder Can I improve my spin and speed? Who can help me learn about fixed gear riding or track racing? Affirm I can spin faster, think quicker, see more. Watch that winter of speed homework help you pass summer’s final exams on the road.

63“Milan Bike Show Velodrome,” Angelo Garcia quoting Francesco Moser 11/1/07 www.italiancyclingjournal.blogspot Francesco Moser was a great track rider: world pursuit champion-1976, world hour record-1984. He was also a great road racer winning the World Championships, Paris-Roubaix and Giro d’Italia among other races.

64“Night Flying,” by Arnold Devlin and Eugene Vandal/Thunder Bay Cycling Club, 2007 Gent 6 Day- Day 5,

65The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

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