Prayer for Mountain Bike Community

High Tail It

59“…interactions I had in the woods…first question, ‘You guys from around here?’ I wish the first questions would be, ‘Do you pick up trash on the trail…treat others in a respectful manner…treat the woods with respect…cause an excessive amount of noise or disruption?’ … instead of ‘are you from here.’” Gooneyriders Blog

Mountainbike Bliss

Woods beckon. Whistling trees sing welcoming tunes, and mystic trail whispers invitations. We respond with yearning to go up. Some dwell where soft-edge ambles into a forest; others must commute for off-road riding. In Boulder, there’s the 60Ned Bus – a commute for mountain bikers to a Rocky Mountain village. It shuttles the concrete front rangers with their hard-earned hard tails to almost heaven. The terrain itself can work ya, but mindful of an awaiting vista, which includes myriads of meadows wildflowered or snow-packed, drives you on.

Whether your tastes run from is-there-anything-this-steep to secret singletrack, there’s adventure in every ride. Even an urban trail provides opportunity to escape la vie quotidienne, routine daily life. The surroundings quietly speak but the bike answers vigorously: come back victorious or come back on your shield! Nature’s nobility awes you into your rightful place – master of the dominion comes but through sweat in delightfully toilsome spin. I leave adversity in this place seeking it only from myself, the elements. Hallowed ground and hard-earned heights assist in transcendent escape.

Similarly, some off-road flats evoke this sentiment. 61C&O Canal rides, winding along Potomac River paths meant for mules towing cargo, awaken a magical muse. Whitewater harmonizes in the all-terrain choir, more pianissimo, gentle background music accompanies clanging cranks. One can be carefree and above all in this calm when the bike plays its off-road tunes.

Prayer for Mountain Bike Community

“…Oh, I’ll make you ride high and soar above it all…” 62Isaiah 58:14


We are thankful that natural beauty can be enjoyed by bicycle. We confess we are too loud, too busy, too hemmed in at times. We pray for mountain biking moments: where new ideas resound and ask blessing on our friends focused mainly on the trail.

Ponder Is there any cognitive area where I need a single-track perspective? Affirm I can take ancient paths and seek roads less traveled. Watch for renewed vision, other dimensions, unexpected solutions.

 59Comments by Eszter, Gooneyriders blogspot, 12/3/2007

60Regional bus route from Boulder to Nederland at Experiencing the Boulder cycling scene is par for the course for an American bicyclist, in my opinion. Riding to Nederland by road is pretty darn exhilarating too.

61This historic trail is used by bikes, runners, dog-lovers, hikers, horses, and wild animals, yet is amazingly solitary in western sections. It runs from Georgetown in northwest Washington, DC to Cumberland, Maryland. See and for more information.

62The Message, Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

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