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Prayer for Bike Shops and Mechanics

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General Store

15“I love my job…part motivational speaker…father… psychologist… Through it all, I still like bikes.”  Chris Militello, Bike Shop Manager 

Chris Militello, one of the good guys...


You may remember from Cycling Community week, that we prayed for bicycle mechanics. Race mechanics are a different breed from shop mechanics, although there are some who work both scenes. Of course, pro racers rely more heavily on the race wrench.

For most, the main velo care-giver is the shop mechanic. In this way, a race mechanic is the ambulance for the bike and the shop mechanic is its primary doctor. Sometimes a shop wrench is the racer’s home-based psychologist also; and since a great fit makes you one with your bike, two get the treatment for the price of one.

Whether pro or amateur, it is here that a cyclist’s experience and bike repair is make or break, well fix really. It’s a base of stable support, consistent service, and customer-orientation. Talking shop at the shop is part of riding culture. We walk away from the world into the store’s safe haven like children running home from school. We greet Mama, grab a snack, and gaze with wonder at the toy closet asking can Papa fix my…? And Papa usually does.

The local shop is a cyclist’s general store- goods, gab and gizmos. A few really good bike shops are enough to convince anyone to thank God for these cottage industrialists, whose exemplary service is legendary. Stories like: on-the-road bike transport gone awry and a store manager lends name-any-bike-part for the harried traveler; owners adopt aspiring racers who live in their basements and provide them work whenever in town; patient listeners as weekend warrior recounts ride details, feet propped on an un-trued wheel drinking shop joe; provisions arranged for rare equipment, housing, sponsorships, rides, relationships. As if you need a reason to hang with your village peddler, it’s time for your bike’s annual overhaul.

Prayer for Bike Maintenance, Shops

“Then you see how every student well-trained in God’s kingdom is like the owner of a general store who can put his hands on anything you need, old or new, exactly when you need it.” 16Matthew 13:52

We are thankful for cycling’s merchants and traders, and all those choices in cool cycling toys. We confess we sometimes take these folks for granted; many live on margin. We ask blessing on bike shops everywhere.


Ponder Is it time to get-give at a shop visit? Affirm I can be part of shop culture, supporting mom & pop even if fully sponsored. Watch trends throughout cycling civilization show up at your bike mart.

15quoted on shop’s website under “Meet our Staff.” Chris Militello often goes the extra mile for a rider. He’s a swell guy. Now he owns his own shop

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