Cycling Reactivity

Wanna Make u Jump Jump35

36“If you gotta think, it’s too late.” Nelson Vails, Track Star, on reacting

Attacks and sprints require Jump


Yo, now is not only about long slow miles. Neuromuscular reactivity and preparing muscle fiber to morph from slow to fast, then fast to fast– fast can jump start winter training. Plenty of snap is to be had in racing and group riding. But even more is made available by recruiting it all winter to go to war for you when it counts. Maximum quickest efforts even of a very short duration can be taxing. Working it now in training prepares you to transfer this work into group riding or racing later, leaving your more limited in-season training time for other energy systems.

It’s true some got da goods and others struggle, but everyone can release more speed. Our fastness potential is waiting to be unleashed. A team director’s frustration is a fresh rider in position who doesn’t react at the critical moment either because of a hesitant timidity or no snap. This faltering tendency is removed by rigorous training.

Automation is the highest evolution of skill mastery; consciousness is the first in the learning sequence. See it, do it, work on it, incorporate it, release it without thinking. Who better than a 37sprinter to describe training for fast reactions and finishes? He said to think like a cat as it pounces on prey. The fastest twitch fibers known are in the tail of a rattle snake. That’s how quick you want to visualize the initial mechanics of a sprint or attack movement: STRIKE!

Think you’re not a Sprinter? Neuromuscular reactivity is an important life skill like swerving quickly to avoid an accident, hurdling an obstacle to save a child, righting yourself on slippery ice. Dogs even twitch this fast when dreaming…about chasing cats? 38Wassup dawg? Nuthin’ much, jus tippin’ wit mah lethal bizzle.

Prayer for Reactivity

“I’ll charge them like a lion, like a leopard stalking in the brush. I’ll jump them like a sow grizzly robbed of her cubs.” 39Hosea 13:7-8

We are thankful that we’re all equipped with some speed capability. We confess we sometimes limit ourselves through stereotypes. Quicken us, oh Lord, in the ways which help us to make best use of time.


Ponder Am I training to call out the speed? Affirm I am fast. I can think fast, see myself fast, and train to become fast. Watch what you think; become who you are.

35hip-hop lyric by kriss-kross from their tune, Jump Jump. White girls can jump jump; so can skinny bike racers.

36More from Nelson the “cheetah from the jungle.” He had a little somethin’ somethin’ in the sprint department.

37Reeves Taylor was a masters rider who won a lot in my district when I first started to race. The military moved him on but not first before teaching me this important sprint visualization. In a world of winning secrets, I’m grateful for his generosity in sharing this concept.

38Translation from gangsta rap: Question: So what’s new, dude? Answer: I’m just cruising with my super fast skills. 

39The Message, Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

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