Race Favorite

Race Favorite

50“I’ve said all week I was the favourite to win here – I haven’t been hiding that fact.” Tom Boonen, Expectant Winner

Every kid is a mother's favorite


Expectations of winning can play for and against a race favorite. Internal pressures can sometimes be overwhelming but sometimes it increases incentive. An expected winner must devise strategies to counter and overcome vigilance on the part of peers. Even being marked can work to one’s favor. It supports an essential world-class quality – Confidence.

Expecting Favor is a spiritual concept that believes God rewards faith. God may add to this by opening doors despite inexperience or past experience. Living favor-minded can help one break barriers from the past. When you believe this favor is available, confident living comes easier and bold actions and proper motives result.

51We have not because we ask not or as I like to say, “Don’t ask, don’t get.” An expectant (but not an entitled) attitude creates willingness of others to assist you. Regardless of how many people tell you what you’re attempting can’t be done, through perseverance doors open. Favor opens doors that some say are impossible, often in times of adversity.

Expecting God’s goodness causes you to see adversity as an opportunity. Favor exceeds just getting by and expects God’s goodness to chase you down. This is not a prayer for a Santa Claus version of God. God doesn’t play favorites, so don’t expect to receive something that isn’t in someone else’s best interest or that’s asked for selfishly. Praying to win isn’t selfish pandering; it’s a responsible behavior for an athlete. Sometimes your success is the best thing for others, and sometimes a defeat is the best thing for you.

We see that many winners anticipate winning or believe they can win. Even if expectations fall short, the anticipation of finishing first often improves performance. So if unselfish prayers aren’t answered as a yes, there’s still an answer for your best. Favor-finders know they can ask for favor, because any God-answer is the best answer. In this we can be confident.

Prayer for Favor

“If you hope to the end, divine favor will come.” 521 Peter 1:13


We ask for favor with God and man.

Ponder Despite circumstances, am I hoping for a favorable outcome? Affirm I anticipate help from God and others. Watch for that assistance and be open to where it leads you.

50“Boonen seals Tour of Flanders win,” BBC Sport Cycling posted 2 April 2006 www.news.bbc.co.uk

51James 4:2-3 www.biblegateway.com

52The Living Bible Copyright © 1971 owned by assignment by KNT Charitable Trust published by Tyndale House Publishers

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