Cycling Causes & Charities

Gray Sheep

7“…give a contribution, not only economically…but also with my image…There are a lot of organizations in the world but I think it is important that if you can help some or at least one organization, that is good.” Ivan Basso, Pro suspended but giving time without appearance fees

Zero tolerance cycling cause

Often our behavior is not black or white. We can be gray like woolly sheep in need of cleansing atonement. Even a suspended, unpaid rider volunteered time and talent as treasure for a good cause. One benefit was some effective public relations all around but the motivations can be many.

Take the quality of self-sacrifice used in a team scenario and now apply it to other parts of your life: your family, relationships, team culture, sponsors, charities, governing organizations, and social causes. Even the poorest rider can offer themselves without an appearance fee to lead a charity ride, speak about safety to school kids, advocate bikes to transportation authorities, volunteer, do the right thing and help a great cause. Some give themselves pro bono as coaches, team management, or event marshals.

Opportunities for benevolence are plentiful: charity rides to raise money for – medical research, disease prevention or awareness, organizations that help the oppressed, the environment, or a memorial fund; donations toward junior, collegiate, or national team funds; trail maintenance or litter patrols; or donating equipment to others in need. Other ways to give is to help the sport in its fight for systematic fairness in anti-doping, prize money parity, or some other problem that needs solved from those within whose influence is without.

 We can all give without excuse. One way to choose a cause is to seek the object of your strong emotions. This is the clue to your giving assignment. Where are you bitter, angry, outraged, sad? Cure it by helping another who hurts like you, righting an injustice that’s wronged you, give back where you’ve most had need. Take the blackness of life, mix it with what’s purest about bicycling and as you give back, paint yourself in new shades of mission.

Prayer for Cycling Causes & Charity Rides

“We’re all like sheep who’ve wandered off and gotten lost. We’ve all done our own thing, gone our own way…He took up the cause of all the black sheep.” 8Isaiah 53:6, 12


We are glad that the world’s problems are solved through community. We confess we hold ourselves apart at times from the causes we most understand because of painful remembrances. We ask for the means to give to others less fortunate and blessing upon charity rides.

Ponder Who needs my time, talent, treasure? Affirm I donate my love of cycling to good causes. Watch what’s least fortunate about yourself become what’s most fortunate for another.

7“Basso gives back with Intervita,” posted by Tom Hodges December 26, 2007<

8The Message, Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

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