British & Canadian Cycling

Cyclists Speak

19“Nah ah’tall      Translation:         I think he can do it (an impossible race feat)

blimey                    Translation:         Wow that was an awesome move!

t’isn’tit?                  Translation:         He really could’ve done better.

maght ah dun yeah  Translation:But since he didn’t, let’s tell you what we think he should’ve done.

ah bit-ah faahya-pow-hya   Translation: He needs  power/courage / strength/speed/brains

British-isms from two Race Announcers speaking one form of English


Dans la tape (said with 2 fingers pressed against your jugular then exhale puhhhh.) Translation: In the Tape/On the rivet/Maxed                                                           Québécois Cycling Slang

Beryl Burton dans la tape


Wish my translations were as witty as a Brit’s. Isn’t it great that English is becoming another language of the peloton? Our English-speaking cousins and French-speaking friends from Canada bring a remarkable contribution to competitive cycling – from the refined streets of posh Londoners poised to teach the world how to time trial to the Scottish highlands of famous hors catégorie specialists to the rugged regions of western Canada known for epic riding to eurocool Québéc, an enclave of cycling culture. So many stories, characters, achievements, interesting tid-bits too great for this one run-on paragraph.


These are ways of winners whose language we want to speak, and dialects we wish to understand! I acknowledge and ponder and praise the peoples of these areas today with a story from each country:


Svein Tuft, World TT silver medalist based in 20back country, mountaineering for several years before taking up competitive cycling, but not before pedaling a bike trailer as he trekked through snow – tough, but demure off his bike. That’s impressive, Eh?!


From across the pond, British Time Trialist 21Beryl Burton was introduced to cycling by her husband. She won 100 titles over 30 years of racing. She earned the distinction of Best All-Arounder by winning 25, 50, and 100 mile trials and reserved the title for 25 years. She set several national records and won seven world titles. Her distance in the 12-hour time trial was over 5 miles more than the men’s record.


Two warriors of the sport from separate continents represent the shared language of a universal passion. Both nations’ cycling histories deserve books, and more, this prayer.


Prayer for Canadian & British Cycling

Look, those going toward the north country have given my Spirit rest in the land of the north.” 22Zechariah 6:8


We ask blessing on Canadian and British cycling.


Ponder Who are my favorite Canadian and British cyclists? Affirm I think both countries rock as far as cycling enthusiasm. Watch these places for more great riding and glib speech to come.


19Two unnamed British race announcers, lovable and understandable enough calling a race on

20“An interview with Svein Tuft: From survivorman to cyclist,” posted September 24, 2007

21“Beryl Burton” Britannica Online Encyclopedia

22The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

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