Cycling & Renewed Expectations


46“… the realisation of a childhood dream – to ride the Tour De France in his hometown…for such an opportunity to fall in the prime of his career is about as good as it gets.” Bradley Wiggins paraphrased about TdF’s London Prologue


Wiggins' big dreams become reality.

The technicolor vibrant dreams of youth may bloom best in the hearty soil of maturing harvest. A poet says it best:

How quickly fade

The color in the west,

The bloom upon the flower,

The bloom upon the breast

And youth’s blind hour.

Yet keep within your heart

A place apart

Where little dreams may go,

May thrive and grow.

Hold fast- hold fast your dreams!47

Your assessment of race season has revealed the dream is alive, you may be living it this year or see it nearing. This is your time. Hold fast for 48fruitful conditions to harvest dreams-in-the-making.

Prayer for Renewed Expectations

“…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” 49Romans 12:2

We ask for answers to today’s questions that will empower us to conceive, believe, and receive. We ask to thrive and grow.

Ponder Who is an example in my life that inspires me?


Which of their accomplishments, joys, and victories cause you to believe you can be blessed in a similar way?


When all looks bleak but there’s still growth, are you thinking of just getting by or abundance?


Today is a new day. Forgetting the past, realistic about the present, are you ready for the next level?


Are you shrinking back in fear or are you living large – taking confident steps toward your big ideas?


With whom do you need favorable entry and assistance to realize your dreams? __________________________________________________________________________________

How are you using adversity to propel you away from mediocrity and toward excellence?


Are you learning to thrive when your need is greatest by planting good seeds in others?


What good deeds/loving acts for others’ dreams prove your commitment to your dream?


Have you decided for contentment; and are you choosing actions to support happiness even with pauses in the process of dream-making?



Affirm I am living my best life now! Watch for times of favor so you can harvest the best results.



46“Chasing Wheels: Will Wiggins’ dream come true?” Posted by Alex 27 April 2007 on

47An excerpt from the poem, Hold Fast Your Dreams by Louise Driscoll in Favorite Poems Old and New, Helen Ferris, editor published Doubleday & Company, 1957

48Suggestions for this section are drawn from Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen Copyright © 2004 published by Warner Faith, Time Warner Book Group, NY

49The Bible, New International Version, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society


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  1. GramMardi Mallardi Says:

    Encouraging for those who search, and find this.

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