Prayers: Table of Contents

Prayers for the Peloton is a daily prayer book written to meet the spiritual need in competitive cycling. In particular I wanted to let the cycling community know that no matter what the challenge, someone has prayed for them to fight through to victory.

I wrote Prayers in 2008 when I came off the race circuit to care for aging parents, and then blogged it, updating as I blogged, about twice weekly until completion in November, 2011. The book is dedicated to my parents, Bernard DeSeal Leasure and M. June Leasure, two prayer warriors and victors in life, who enjoyed riding bikes.

Under the sub-headings for Prayers for the Peloton, the book contains a daily prayer, roughly tracking the competitive road racing season. Six prayers per week are offered – assuming a rest day, even from spiritual discipline. Six days for off-season contemplation is also offered under October. See the original Table of Contents below.

Some of the Titles of daily prayers were modified when blogged but the format remains the same. Interestingly, even though written and scheduled to blog well prior, many of the blog entries responded to the current, publicized and private, needs in the race community. This was purely providential, perhaps a sign that a loving God loves those who race bikes.

This Treasured Subculture Prayer for You, the Special Reader
A Time for Everything  
Finding the Balance Prayer for Rest
Repairing Prayer for Restored Body
Let It Go Prayer for Release
Clean It Up Prayer for Internal Health
Reconnecting Prayer for Reciprocity
Re-Evaluating Prayer for Wisdom
Racing Community  
Riders Ready Prayer for Race Officials
Wrenches, Wenches & Trenches Prayer for Bicycle Mechanics
2,016 Water Bottles Prayer for Soigneurs
Event-full Prayer for Race Promoters & Volunteers
A Picture’s Worth Prayer for Photographers & Cameramen
Extra, Extra Prayer for Media
Clean Cycling  
Burnished Medals Prayer for Ethics
A Painful Reveille Prayer for Conscience
Dark Places Prayer for Consequences
A Lightened Burden Prayer for Confession
Racing at Two Speeds Prayer for Team Docs, Medical Community
Passport to Somewhere Prayer for Control: Procedures & Enforcers
Cross Training  
Confidence Builders Prayer for Cross-Training
Bearing One’s Cross Prayer for Cyclo-Cross Community
High Tail It Prayer for Mountain Bike Community
Beyond the Blue Line Prayer for Track Racing
Powerhouse, Poses & Posture Prayer for Strength, Flexibility Conditioning
Firm Foundation  
Live Chat Prayer for Training Program, Coaches
Bloody Good Show Prayer for Health Check-Ups
Conconi, Wingate, Schoberer & Co Prayer for Performance Tests, Physiologists
Body Geometry Prayer for Bike Positioning & Fitters
General Store Prayer for Bike Maintenance, Shops
Hitched Prayer for Bike Clubs
Winter Homework  
Money in the Bank Prayer for Endurance
No Excuses Prayer for Work Ethic
Frozen Nose, Toes & Clothes Prayer for Cold Weather Preparation
Making Music Prayer for Pedaling Efficiency
wanna make u Jump Jump Prayer for Neuromuscular Reactivity
Rock On Prayer for Indoor Training
High Octane Fuel  
Your Ambrosia Prayer for Healthy Diet, Good Nutrition
Necessary Nectar Prayer for Hydration
Intangible Assets Prayer for Sunlight, Pure Air, Sleep
Boosts & Balms Prayer for Clean Supplementation, Meds
Fast Feeds Prayer for Ride/Race Fueling
Another Nourishment Prayer for Encouragement
The Spiritual Cyclist  
Christmas Wishes Prayer for Joy
Higher Power Prayer for Faith
Heart Power Prayer for Forgiveness
Staying Power Prayer for Patience
Wielding Power Prayer for Humility
Lean, Serene, Cycling Keen Prayer for Peace
New Year’s Resolve  
Signs Between Switchbacks Prayer for Direction
Cyclist of the Year Prayer for Goal-Setting
Making It Happen Prayer for Planning
Les Sept Chemins  The Seven Ways Prayer for Event Selection
Modernization Prayer for Logistics & Licensing
Shifting Gears Prayer for Adaptability
Warming Up  
Warm Climes Prayer for Travel
Warm Accommodations Prayer for Hosts
Warm Climbs Prayer for Climbing Fitness/Strength
Warm Bods Prayer for Massage/Therapeutic Treatments
Warm Thoughts Prayer for Positive Thinking
Warm Companions Prayer for Training Partners
No “I” in Team  
Plein Air Professionals Prayer for Pro Teams
The Right People Prayer for Team Leadership
Top Down Prayer for Ownership/General Management
All-In Prayer for Teamwork
Extreme Preparation Prayer for Teambuilding/Training Camps
Field Commander Prayer for Directeur Sportif
Skills Seminar  
Bump-n-Thump Prayer for Bike Handling Skills
Savoir Faire: In the Know Prayer for Competence & Skills Mastery
A River Runs Through It Prayer for Pack Skills
Rage Against The Machine Prayer for Cornering Skills
Clocked at 64mph Prayer for Descending Skills
Million-Dollar Decision Prayer for Safety
World-Wide Welcome Back  
Blessing of the Bikes Prayer for Racing Season
New World Class Prayer for Globalization
International Cycling Relations Prayer for Union Cyclist Internationale
Invitation Only Prayer for Racing Organizations
Off To See The Wizard Prayer for Australian Cycling
Magic Carpet Ride Prayer for Middle East Cycling
Beginnings & Endings  
Mass Starts Prayer for Group Rides/Training Races
Flashes of Lightning Prayer for Anaerobic Power
Warm-Up, Warm-Down Prayer for Pre-Ride & Recovery Procedures
Dressing for Success Prayer for Cycling Clothing
Schwag Prayer for Equipment Stewardship
Bike Love Prayer for Bicycles
My Funny Valentine  
Love & Bicycling Prayer for Relationships
In Tandem Prayer for Marriage & Family
Solo Attempt Prayer for Singles
In My Ear Prayer for Communication
Trading Pace Prayer for Conflict Resolution
Abandonée                          DNF Prayer for Calling It Quits
Us – United Spokes  
Eagles Wings Prayer for American Cycling
Accord Paritaire               Joint Agreement Prayer for Athletes Rights
Power To The Peloton Prayer for Cycling Unions
Links in the Chain Prayer for International Associations
United Front Prayer for National Federations
Nouveau Départ                Fresh Start Prayer for New Race Season
Foreign Tourin’  
Cycling Explorers Prayer for Cycling Fun
irie jammin         Powerful Good Times Prayer for Caribbean Cycling
Bike Relief Prayer for African Cycling
Tranquilo!                           Relax! Prayer for Central American Cycling
Sin Represas       Without Power-lines Prayer for South American Cycling
Superhighway Prayer for Asian Cycling
In Like a Lamb
Like Sheep Astray Prayer for Lead-Out Skills
Sacrificial Lambs Prayer for Domestiques
Gray Sheep Prayer for Charity Rides
Counting Sheep Prayer for Time Adjustment/Jet Lag
Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing Prayer for Purity/Goodness
Baaahd Manners Prayer for Gentleness/Competitive Etiquette
March Madness  
Bad Blow Prayer for Colds, Flu Recovery
Blown Chances Prayer for Repair/Wheel Change
Blowing Up Prayer for Catching On
Road Rage Prayer for Caravan Safety
Foe & Friend Prayer for Competitors
Off the Baccalaureate Prayer for Collegiate Cycling
Going Green  
Maillot Vert                        Green Jersey Prayer for Sprint Fitness/Skills
Road Envy Prayer for Cycling Advocacy
Green Light Prayer for Traffic Safety/Commuters
Greener Pastures Prayer for Environmentalism
Green Balloons Prayer for a Happy Birthday
Incremental Gains Prayer for Irish Cycling
Out Like A Lion
Ways of the Windblown Prayer for Echelon Skills
Hung Out to Dry Prayer for Spring Conditions
Go Fly a Kite                      La Flamme Rouge Prayer for Tolerance of Pain
Returns the Roar! Prayer for Spring Classics
Gocce de Vita                     Drops of Life Prayer for Italian Cycling
La Primavera                     First of the Season Prayer for Milan San Remo
April Fools  
Anyone Can Race a Grand Tour Prayer for Public Relations
Fool for You Prayer for Public Image
Fool’s Paradise Prayer for Discernment
Tomfoolery Prayer for Teachability
Fools Rush In Prayer for Strategic Insight
Court Jester Prayer for Public Disclosure
Spring Classics  
Grand’Place  de Grote Markt     Market Square Prayer for Belgian Cycling
Light Enough for the Pavé Prayer for Cobblestone Skills
Vlaanderens Mooiste      Best of Flanders Prayer for Tour of Flanders
La Diadème Doré              Gilded Crown Prayer for French Cycling
La Pascale                           The Easter Race Prayer for Paris-Roubaix
April Showers Prayer for Rain Skills
Gezwind Straat                  Fleet Street Prayer for Dutch Cycling
Dutch Masters Prayer for Amstel Gold
Arrow on Target Prayer for Flèche Wallonne
La Doyenne                         Grandma Ardennes Prayer for Liège-Bastogne-Liège
Ab und Zu                            On and Off Prayer for German Cycling
Second Wind Prayer for Rund…Turm
Private Cycling  
Personal Points Prayer for Saddle Comfort
Private Parts Prayer re: Cyclist’s Syndrome
Nature Break Prayer for Modesty
Sacred Places Prayer for Sexuality
Puzzling Area Prayer re: External Iliac Arterial Endofibrosis
Tattooed Tips Prayer for Road Rash Care
May Day, May Day, May Day  
Game On Prayer for Race Readiness
Crash Course Prayer for Safety
Save Our Skins Prayer for Emergency Preparedness
Cycling’s Samaritans Prayer for Emergency Personnel
Break…Away Prayer for Strong Bones
Psyched to Return Prayer for Injury Management
Follow the Leader Prayer for Overcoming Fear after Crashing
Respect as Response Prayer for Paralympic Cycling
See Our Smiles Prayer for Special Olympics Cycling
Give Us A Break Prayer for Radio Communications
Winsome, Lose Some Prayer for Race Announcers
Break-In Prayer against Bike Theft/Crime
May Flowers  
Fresh Blossoms Prayer for Youth Cycling
Race for the Roses Prayer to Stretch Limits
Mountain Laurel Prayer for Climbing Speed
Winner’s Bouquet Prayer for Podium Presence
Corsa Rosa Pink Tour Prayer for Giro d’Italia
Smell the Roses Prayer for Active Recovery
In Memoriam  
Memorial Day Prayer for Military Riders
Mastered Lifestyle Prayer for Veteran Riders
Streets of Gold Prayer for Facing Mortality
Ride of Silence Prayer re: Fallen Cyclists
Maillot Noir                       Mourning Jersey Prayer re: Loss & Grief
Backpedal Prayer for Remembrance
Championship Qualities  
Few Enter In Prayer for Self-Denial
It’s not about the Bike Prayer for Identity
Our Heroes Prayer for Cycling’s Champions
Goat Paths Prayer for Discipline
Audience of One Prayer for Total Release Performance
Songs of Victory Prayer for God’s Help
Championship Psychology  
Tenth Percentile Prayer for Victory
Invincible Strength Prayer for Love Motivation
Journey & Journalists Prayer re: Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation
Sensual Cycling Prayer for Situational Awareness
Bird’s Eye View Prayer for Ride Instinct
Brutal Facts Prayer for Realism
Championship Presence  
A Prince’s Robe Prayer for Bike Poise
Balance Point Prayer for Self-Control
The Zone Prayer for Intensity
Cloak & Dagger Prayer for Stealth
For Such a Time Prayer for Influence
Polished Diamonds Prayer for Refinement
Championship Emotions  
Attack, Counterattack Prayer for Anger Management
At-Risk Prayer for Emotional Health
Tout est Possible  Everything’s Possible Prayer re: Aggressiveness
Chasing the Wind Prayer re: Envy
All the Road’s a Stage Prayer re: Drama
Professional Courtesy Prayer for Competitive Respect
Championship Spirit  
Spirit Power Prayer for Spiritual Life
Spiritual Peloton Prayer for Sanctification
Team Spirit Prayer for Chaplaincy
Yield What You Want Prayer for Submission
Opposition Attracted Prayer re: Handling Criticism
Chain Tension Prayer for Stewardship
Championship Physiology  
Suspended Ceiling Prayer for VO2 Max
Rainbow Silhouettes Prayer re: Power Profile
The Backpack Prayer for Strength to Weight Ratio
Biological Clock Prayer for Time Trial Ability
Cycles & Sabbaths Prayer for Periodization
Peaks & Valleys Prayer for Peaking & Tapering
Championship Strategy  
The Victory Continuum Prayer for Winning Skills
Steam Engine Prayer for Coping with Pressure
Aerobus Prayer for Roster Selection
Break It Down Prayer for Segmentation
True Disciples Prayer for GC Tactics
Sole Survivor Prayer for Solo Situations
Championship Lifestyle  
Know The All-Powerful Prayer for Time with God
Know Thyself Prayer for Purpose in Cycling
Short Accounts Prayer for Supportive Relationships
Shoes Not Made for Walkin’ Prayer for Boundaries & Routine
Still Small Voice Prayer for Specialized Intelligence
Off to the Mines Prayer for Stable Resources
Summer Sunshine  
Yellow Rays Prayer for the Tour de France
Long Shadows Prayer for Speed Endurance
Warm Crowds Prayer for Fans & Spectators
Hot Pick Prayer for Most Aggressive Rider
Sons Rising Prayer for Best Young Rider & Espoirs
Superb Sunsets Prayer for Completion
Summer Carnival  
Speed Season Prayer for Criterium Racing
Sounds of Summer Prayer for Criterium Fitness & Specialists
Summit on the Road Prayer re: Collusion
Rainbow Tour Prayer for European Cycling
8 Years for a Day Prayer for Olympic Cycling
Street Performers Prayer for Celebration
Heat Wave  
Wheels Flambé Prayer re: Burn-Out
Some Like it Hot Prayer for Heat Acclimatization
Hot & Bothered Prayer for Sex Drive & Racing
What’s Hot, What’s Not Prayer re: Trends & Fads
Dog Days Prayer re: Animal Interaction
Cycling Mirage Prayer for Road Infrastructure
Seasonal Transitions  
Reverie & Realism Prayer for the Future
Blame Game Prayer to Take Responsibility
Missed the Break               Day 1 Prayer for Realistic Assessment
Bridge the Gap                    Day 2 Prayer for Realistic Assessment
Dreams Dashed Prayer for New Expectations
Stair-Step Climb Prayer for Renewed Expectations
Race Favorite Prayer for Favor
Harvest Work Prayer for Contentment
Wheeling & Dealing Prayer for Team Politics
Buddy System Prayer for Peer Support
Wheels In True Prayer for Contracts & Negotiations
Bittersweet Fruit Prayer for Comebacks
The Hard Rode  
Battles & Wars Prayer re: Losing & Failure
Bonking & Bulimia Prayer for Weight Management
Broken Hearts & Bad Company Prayer re: Loneliness & Isolation
Bad Guys & Good Guys Prayer re: Unpopularity
Between Rides Prayer re: Vanishing Events/Opportunities
Broke & Bewildered Prayer re: Lack & Uncertainty
Bottom Line to Start Line  
Tour de Globe Prayer for Cycling’s Prosperity
Hamstrings & Purse Strings Prayer for Financial Resources
Outside the (Tool) Box Prayer for Resourcefulness
Grass Is Green Prayer for Human Resources
Free Wheeling Prayer for Fiscal Responsibility
Rolling Billboards Prayer for Cash Sponsorship
Title Sponsor Prayer for Brand Building
Spokespeople Prayer for Marketing & Advertising
Market Bikes Prayer for Equipment Sponsorship
Bike Messengers Prayer for Cycling Manufacturers
Bike Holidays Prayer for Bike Trade Shows
Race for the Cure Prayer for Cause Sponsorship
Autumn Glory  
Golden Season Prayer for Fall Classics
Golden Asset Prayer for La Vuelta a España
Annual Colors Prayer for World Championships
What Goes Up Prayer for Altitude Acclimatization
Must Come Down Prayer for Cooling Off
Golden Years Prayer for Lifetime Cycling
Ride IQ  
DQ: Deception Quotient Prayer for Clarity
Smart Cycling Prayer for Brain Power & Problem-Solving
Bikes-Wit-Byte Prayer for Knowledge & Information
Peloton Review Prayer for Cycling Research
Proctors of the Peloton Prayer for Testing Methodologies
Patents of the Peloton Prayer for Cycling Technologies
WWCD: What Would Cyclists Do?
Cyclists Pace                                            Prayer for Pacing Strategy
Cyclists Equalize Prayer for Women’s Cycling
Cyclists Rule Prayer for Government & Police
Cyclists Breathe Prayer for Exercise-Induced Asthma
Cyclists Speak Prayer for Canadian & British Cycling
Cyclists Pray Prayer for Us, The Cycling Community
Victory Lap  
For Our Deeds Praise for Accomplishments
Faithful Responses Praise for Answers to Prayer
Fantastic Reorganization Praise for Cycling Reforms
Fellowship Resumes Praise for Renewed Cooperation
Fare Thee Well Praise for Racing Season
Finish Line Praise for Off-Season
Prayers Revisited   An off-week study guide to start your rest period
Favorite Prayer Day 1
Day 2
Challenging Prayer Day 1
Day 2
New Prayer Day 1
Day 2
Off-Season Transition Two Weeks unstructured praise & restful prayer

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